Kellyanne Conway Says CNN's Chris Cuomo Is Jealous of Fox News

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, accused CNN's Chris Cuomo of being "jealous" of Fox News's ratings during an interview on Cuomo's show on Thursday evening, amid a heated exchange on the Trump administration's track record on a number of issues.

Conway repeatedly shot down demands from Cuomo that she admit that Trump had lied over statements regarding payments made to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. Cuomo and Conway also argued about the president's track record on the opioid crisis, prison reform and employment.

"Why doesn't it matter to you that there are 6.6 million jobs available right now for Americans," Conway said on the Cuomo Prime Time show. "The president is working on prison reform, he's breaking the back of the opioid crisis."

"He's not breaking the back of the opioid crisis," Cuomo interjected. "It's terrible, we both know it is. It's spreading. I can't let you say things that aren't true. That's not what this show's about."

After Conway asked, "Christopher, what are the stats?" the CNN anchor said, "That's Fox. You go to Fox for that."

"Excuse me, OK, I'm so glad you mentioned Fox, because none of you are able to get through most of your shows without mentioning them."

"I almost never mention them," said Cuomo.

"It's not a good look to be so jealous of Fox News's ratings," Conway said.

"I'm jealous of the opportunities they get to test power," Cuomo shot back. "They just don't take them. That's what I'm jealous of."

"I'm not in the business of attacking other people in the business," he added.

"You do," Conway said.

Throughout the debate, Cuomo and Conway spoke over one another, with both struggling to get a word in at times.

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At one point, Conway accused Cuomo of "sexist" behavior after he repeatedly spoke over her and at certain points did not let her finish her sentences.

"He won't even let me speak," she interjected at one point, appearing to direct her comment to crew members. "I think it's kind of sexist, the way you're conducting this interview."

"Please, please, I treat you as somebody who's here to represent the president—you know, man, woman or other."

"No, you're not letting me speak," Conway said. "You're shutting me down."

"Nobody can shut you down," Cuomo shot back.

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