Kentucky Motorists Completely Bamboozled by Roundabout in Hilarious Video

Kentucky motorists have been left utterly bewildered after a first-ever roundabout was installed at an intersection in the northeast of the state.

In a bid to deter any more accidents between the 4,000 cars which pass through the busy roadway each day, officials in rural Morehead set up the novel traffic intervention.

But ever since the roundabout was introduced this month, video of motorists attempting to navigate their way around the new structure has taken centre stage.

Video of the traffic chaos was originally uploaded to reddit on April 25 under the IdiotsInCars Subreddit.

"They added a roundabout near my hometown in rural, eastern Kentucky," Reddit user EVOSexyBeast wrote alongside a 46-second clip. "Here is an example of how NOT to use a roundabout."

In the footage, drivers appear to pick whatever side of the road suits them, driving straight across lanes meant for oncoming traffic.

A truck seen towing a boat veers into the wrong lane and sets off a disastrous chain reaction as another car stalls multiple times in the middle of the traffic circle, seemingly unsure where to go.

The intersection at routes 60 and 801 was replaced by a roundabout following safety concerns.

"We're looking at a way to reduce the severity of crashes that this intersection has a history of," Allen Blair from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet told local station WYMT earlier this month.

TRAFFIC CHANGES | A project is getting underway at the intersection of Routes 60 & 801 in Rowan Co. at the Bath Co. line. This is a popular route towards Cave Run Lake.

Construction crews will be replacing this four way stop with a mini-roundabout over the next two weeks. #WKYT

— Chad Hedrick (@ChadHedrickWKYT) April 6, 2021

Transportation officials reportedly said that the flashing lights, stop signs, and other traffic control devices haven't been enough to slow drivers down and hoped the new roundabout will eliminate crashes.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet took to Facebook in the lead-up to the roundabout's debut in an attempt to educate drivers on how to properly navigate a traffic circle, comparing the Rowan County design to one in Saline, Michigan.

Feedback from local residents hasn't been as accommodating, with many chastising the decision as unnecessary and a waste of money. Some believe larger vehicles will find it too difficult to manoeuver the new design.

"COMPLETE WASTE OF MY HARD-EARNED MONEY!" one woman wrote in reply to the KYTC Highway District Nine Facebook page. "This is beyond a stupid plan and waste of taxpayer money when all that's needed is a full set of traffic lights," another added.

Meanwhile, the comments poured in, responding to the video originally uploaded to Reddit, with many poking fun at the region.

"Did they forget which side of the street to drive on? Isn't that one of the more basic concepts while operating a motor vehicle?" one man asked, as another quipped, "Seems about right for rural Kentucky."

Others pointed out that roundabouts aren't common in the southern U.S. "Never saw one in my life until I moved," a sympathetic viewer replied.

Roundabout sign
File photo: Roundabout sign against the backdrop of a blue sky. Motorists in Rowan County, Kentucky, have been left utterly confused when they attempted to navigate their first-ever roundabout. Viennaslide/Getty Images