Elderly Couple Killed in Tornado Died 'Holding On to Each Other'—Granddaughter

A husband and wife married for 50 years were killed together by the tornado that struck Muhlenberg County last week.

A total of 11 people's lives were claimed by the devastating cyclone, with homes left completely destroyed.

13 WTHR reported Billy and Judy Miller had died together and were found in the aftermath

The pair's granddaughter, Serenity Miller, spoke to 13 WTHR of the pair's strong bond and commitment to one another over the years.

She said: "When he went off to Vietnam, they got married, but it wasn't the wedding she wanted."

She added that on their 50th wedding anniversary the couple were able to have the wedding ceremony they'd always hoped for.

Serenity Miller continued: "They went and she got the wedding that she wanted with all of us grandchildren. That there was everything to them.

"They grew really deep bonds after the loss of two of their children and that bond - I don't think anyone could break."

Serenity Miller said that after the tornado hit she tried to contact her grandparents on Saturday morning. She said she only lived about 15 miles away from them.

She said: "They had passed away together, holding on to each other.

"Their love was so deep for each other, we knew they wouldn't be able to survive without each other."

According to Serenity Miller, the home was destroyed with little left. Now, she and her family are searching for any of the belongings the couple kept at their home.

She did note that Billy Miller's marine jacket was found, although it was covered in mud.

She said: "Once I found it, I remember I broke down." She also said that a dry cleaner in Owensboro has offered to clean it up for free.

People across the state have begun helping out those suffering from the tornados in any way they can.

A Kentucky-born man, Jim Finch, was hailed as a hero earlier this week after he drove down to Mayfield and cooked food for people who had been impacted from the tornado over the weekend.

Journalist Victor Ordonez posted two videos interacting with Finch and praised him for his work in the community.

In the video, Finch said: "I know they don't have any electricity, so that means they don't have any restaurants, no running water so I just figured I would do what I could do, show up with some food and some water."

Finch's act of kindness resulted in many people sharing clips of him on social media further praising him for his selfless act and dedication to helping others in their time of need.

A flag lays sits among debris from destroyed homes following Friday's tornado on December 15, 2021 in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. A husband and wife that were married for 50 years were killed together by the Tornado that struck Muhlenberg County Scott Olson/Getty