'Kevin Can F**k Himself' Renewed for Season 2 on AMC

AMC has confirmed Kevin Can F**k Himself and its twisted take on the sitcom format, is returning for a second season with eight new episodes.

Annie Murphy (Schitt's Creek) will return to play Annie McRoberts, a woman who's reached the end of her tether when it comes to tolerating her dimwitted husband Kevin. Kevin Can F**k Himself caught the attention of viewers with its mix of classic sitcom-style with canned laughter, and gritty realistic single-camera scenes.

Creator Valerie Armstrong is delighted to see it back. She said: "We're so grateful to AMC for giving a home to our weird little show. Creating the first season of Kevin Can F**k Himself and getting to tell this story has been the joy of my life.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to be stuck in Worcester with Allison for another year."

Season 1 of Kevin Can F**k Himself saw Allison revolt against the injustices in her life which appear to be personified by Kevin. She devised a plan to kill her husband but those plans needed to change as things got complicated throughout the first season.

In a press statement sent to Newsweek, AMC said the show was the most-watched series on AMC+ and was the top acquisition driver for the premium streaming bundle across all major distribution platforms during its eight-episode run. The network also pointed out how popular the show was with young, upscale and female-skewing viewers.

Kevin Can F*** Himself still
Annie Murphy ("Schitt's Creek") has signed up for another season of the dark comedy "Kevin Can F*** Himself" on AMC. AMC

Dan McDermott, president of original programming for AMC Network and AMC Studios, said: "This series was built on a novel and unique concept, and the creative team on both sides of the camera, led by Valerie and Annie, delivered a highly entertaining first season that really got people talking and rooting for the sitcom wife as never before."

Season 1 ended with Annie and her friend Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) in a tough spot, and McDermott promises we'll get answers. "We are excited to see this talented team move from the finale's cliffhanger and continue Allison's journey, pushing the bounds of conventional storytelling every step of the way."

Season 1 starred Murphy and Inboden alongside Eric Peterson, who played the infuriatingly oblivious Kevin. His best friend Neil was played by Alex Bonifer and regressively humored father by Brian Howe. Allison's former flame Sam Park was played by Raymond Lee.

Kevin Can F*** Himself
Annie Murphy and Eric Peterson will return for a new season of "Kevin Can F*** Himself" on AMC. AMC

Executive producing the series alongside creator Armstrong is Craig DiGregorio, Will McCormack and actress Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation).

AMC has confirmed they've renewed Kevin Can F**k Himself for season 2 for another eight episodes but it is currently unknown when they'll start filming, or when season 2 might air.

Kevin Can F*** Himself Annie Murphy
Annie Murphy plays fed up wife of Kevin, Allison McRoberts in the AMC series "Kevin Can F*** Himself." AMC