Kevin McCarthy Speech—Five Bizarre Moments You Might Have Missed

Minority Republican House of Representatives Leader Kevin McCarthy has broken Nancy Pelosi's record for the longest speech ever given in the House.

McCarthy delayed quick passage of President Joe Biden's social spending and climate package on Thursday night with his oration.

Throughout, many moments caught the attention of viewers for their are five you may have missed.

1. Becoming a Republican in Grade 6

McCarthy highlighted what made him want to become a Republican at a young age.

He said: "I talk about what made me a Republican. I was in the sixth grade, I turned on the TV and I watched Jimmy Carter have a sweater on and tell me to turn the heating down.

"He told me that the best days were behind us, that as an American I had to accept less. That wasn't how I was raised."

Twitter users debated whether this was a noble decision or a laughable one.

2. China's view on America

McCarthy also touched on China and how the country views Americans, relating a story about his friend in the Senate.

He said: "I have a friend who serves in the Senate. He was sitting and having a communication, maybe you have experienced this as well, with a military general in the Chinese Communist Army.

"Do you know what that general said to him? 'America you are weak, you are weak America, weak because you believe in God and you take Fentanyl."

This moment saw social media users both praising McCarthy for defending America's freedom of religion but questioning the country's reliance on drugs in the medical industry.

3. "Random" rambling

Journalist Aaron Rupar took to Twitter to mock McCarthy and accused the Minority House leader of "yelling whatever fragment of thought enters his head."

This was in reference to the moment McCarthy said: "You are celebrating it when inflation is at a 31 percent high.

"Gas prices, Thanksgiving, a border, in a few months breaks every record of the last three years combined."

4. USA destroying all countries in swim meet

Rupar also mocked McCarthy, who used a swimming analogy to answer a question.

McCarthy said: "Let me try and answer your question in an analogy of swimming.

"Picture America at a swim meet after World War 2, against every other country. We jump into the water, not only do we win, we dry off before second and third arrive.

"So in the next year we think that is a little unfair, the other countries got a little more destroyed than America."

5. Donald Trump Nobel Peace Prize

McCarthy also suggested Donald Trump should receive a Nobel Peace Prize, as he reflected on previous Democrat presidents receiving them.

He said: "Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, not Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump after the Abraham Accords.

The Abraham Accords launched over a year ago and solidified diplomatic relations with a number of Middle Eastern countries.

These include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Israel, Sudan, and Morocco.

Kevin McCarthy makes speech for hours
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks during his weekly press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on November 18, 2021. McCarthy spoke for multiple hours in a bid to delay President Joe Biden's bill Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images