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When Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans unveiled their Commitment to America agenda this week, they were operating in the best tradition of the modern House GOP.

In 1994, we unveiled the Contract with America. It gave our candidates a clear outline of positive ideas they could advance. The momentum of having a positive, problem-solving GOP carried us to the first House Republican majority in 40 years. We promptly kept our word, and in the first 100 days voted on every item in the Contract. That clarity and proof that we could be trusted turned a 40-year period of Democratic control of the House into a 12-year Republican majority.

After four years of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her radical ideas, the House GOP came roaring back in 2010 with Speaker John Boehner and his Pledge to America. Kevin McCarthy was a member of the working group that produced that second great commitment to action. With Republicans emphasizing "Where are the jobs?" Boehner led them to an even greater victory than we had in 1994 (we won 54 seats; the 2010 House Republicans won 63 seats).

Now, following in that tradition, Leader McCarthy has launched a Commitment to America.

This new House Republican commitment is a bold contrast with the radicalism in Speaker Pelosi's HR 6800 (which I outlined in a series of podcasts) and the radicalism of the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden ticket.

Kevin McCarthy
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) answers questions during a press conference (Photo by Win McNamee) Getty

As leader McCarthy recently told Laura Ingraham, "we're going to rebuild the biggest economy we have ever seen, add 10 million new jobs, and restore our way of life."

On COVID-19, McCarthy told Sean Hannity: "We're going to end COVID. We are going to defeat this virus and keep America healthy. We are going to create a safe and effective vaccine. We are going to triple our rapid COVID testing, and we will protect pre-existing conditions. We are going to modernize our stockpile because Joe Biden and Obama ... left us in a tough situation."

At a time of rising violence, the House Republicans reject the Left's failed policies. McCarthy pointed out: "We don't defund the cops. We add $1.75 billion for more police training, teaching them when to use their weapon and what type of weapon to use, we will expand community policing and more importantly, 500,000 body cameras."

McCarthy recognizes that more than health and safety are at risk in this election. He pledged, "we will protect our rights under the Constitution, free speech, religious freedom, the unborn."

All of this will be paid for by repeating the economic successes which by February of this year had given the United States the highest employment rate in its history. As McCarthy said:

We will come and rebuild the biggest economy. We've done it once and we will do it again. We do that by a tax proposal that lets you keep more. We are going to add 10 million new jobs and we are going to create an infrastructure plan that in five years will rebuild our roads and airports. We are going to make sure high-speed internet goes to every household in America.

Beyond economics, McCarthy said House Republicans are committed to renewing the American dream. They are going to fight for changes to allow every child to go to an excellent school. They will invest in mathematics and science so we will be able to educate Americans to do the jobs that America needs.

"If you compare that to what the Democrats are doing, they want to defund the police. They saw what happened on the streets," McCarthy said. "They want to dismantle this nation and they have wasted their majority, putting up impeachment on a partisan basis simply because they didn't like the outcome and they are going to destroy our economy, because on day one Joe Biden said he was going to raise taxes."

This is a powerful contrast to the Harris-Biden Democrats. McCarthy summed up the House GOP commitment as "restore, rebuild, renew and ... reunite this nation once and for all."

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