Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit by Masseur

A masseuse made a house call to Kevin Spacey's Malibu home two years ago and claimed he was sexually propositioned by the naked actor and prevented from leaving, according to a lawsuit against the Oscar-winning actor.

The complaint filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that John Doe, a self-described seasoned masseuse whose clients over his 35-year career include models and actors, was victimized by Spacey back in October 2016.

Doe claims Spacey, entered wearing a robe and then "closed and locked the door" to the room in the guest house where he had set up his massage table, according to the to the 11-page complaint, first reported by

When Doe questioned Spacey if there were "any problem areas" that he should focus on for the massage, the actor replied that "he was having some pain or discomfort in his groin area," the lawsuit states.

Doe asked Spacey to lie face down, but instead Spacey allegedly "laid down on the massage table facing up."

As the masseuse attempted to work on Spacey's leg, the actor allegedly grabbed his hand and pulled it into his groin area, the lawsuit states.

Doe pulled back to get out of Spacey's grip and again "gave Spacey the benefit of the doubt" and returned to complete the massage.

But then, according to Doe's claims, Spacey grabbed his hand and brought it toward his groin.

Doe protested.

"What are you doing," he remembered asking Spacey. "I am a professional. This is what I do for a living. I have a son."

Spacey allegedly dismissed Doe, and allegedly complimented him on his eyes while allegedly grabbing Doe's shoulders and pulling him closer, in what he described in the complaint as an attempted kiss."

The masseuse claims he was fed up and demanded to leave telling Spacey, "this is over -- just let me go," and broke down the massage table and leaving behind "sheets and oil, the lawsuit suggests.

But Doe contends that Spacey "blocked access to Spacey's massage table and the door with his naked body," according to the complaint.

Doe allegedly reported the alleged sexual battery incident to the Los Angeles Police Department, but the LAPD didn't respond to Deadline with an initial response to the potential criminality of the matter.

The actor is already being probed by Los Angeles prosecutors as well as British authorities for other sexual assault accusations.

He was accused by Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp of molested him when he was a teenager. Rapp said that Spacey, who in 1986, climbed on top of him on a bed during a party and attempted to "get with me sexually."

The actor publicly stated he didn't recall the incident and came out as a gay man. Before long, Spacey was removed from the hit Netflix series House of Cards, based on the U.K. original miniseries, and was replaced by actor Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott's film All The Money In The World.