'Kingdom Hearts 3' Day One Patch Includes Ending, Memory Archive to Halt Story Leaks and Spoilers Ahead of Release Date

Square Enix just announced on Twitter that the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 will come with a massive day one patch. The game's 1.01 update will release on January 29, when the keyblade-wielding adventure releases in North America. Expect the patch to be massive and take multiple hours to download, even with the fastest internet connection. The patch will contain a few crucial story-focused aspects of the game:

Memory Archive- Once the game goes live, players will be able to access cutscenes from past installments of Kingdom Hearts. The franchise's plotlines and character arcs can be incredibly complicated, so Square is helping newbies out with hours of pre-rendered scenes. But all that story content is going to demand a lot of data.

Epilogue- The actual ending to Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't on the disk. The game leaked online a few weeks back, but it seems Square Enix accounted for that possibility ahead of time. The leaked copy didn't contain the ending, and everyone involved is making sure it will not see the light before it is supposed to. There's nothing worse than having a game you've waited years for to be ruined before the it's even released.

Secret Ending- Nearly every Kingdom Hearts game has a bonus ending that requires completing extra challenges to see. Whether it's the Birth By Sleep gang fighting Xehanort or Sora being locked away, there's always some form of crazy shenanigans at the end. The tweet says that players will have to fill certain "criteria" to see the ending of KH3, though it's unclear what they are.

If you want to play the game without the ending, you don't need an internet connection. But, if you want to experience the full world of Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy, you are going to need access to WiFi. It's an unfortunate circumstance of modern game releases, where companies really don't want their project shown before it's ready.