Kidnapped 5-Year-Old Girl Killed in Crash During Police Chase: Officials

A 5-year-old girl died when the car she was in crashed into a pond during a police chase in Jacksonville, Florida, on Thursday night.

Police believed the child was in the process of being kidnapped.

As the female driver attempted to evade police, she crashed into the pond. Officers were able to find her and apprehend her.

The 5-year-old girl was not immediately discovered during this time. She was eventually found at the bottom of the pond deceased, according to authorities.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office held a press conference early Friday morning explaining the situation. This press conference was also posted on the Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

"We are out here this morning for an unfortunate event that took place about 7:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m. last night," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office public information officer Christian Hancock said.

"The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office received a phone call of a reported kidnapping in progress on the city's northside, somewhere near the area of Dunn Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard. As officers were en route to that call an officer actually came upon the vehicle at a traffic light and realized that was the actual vehicle and suspect that we would be looking for."

Hancock also said the woman driving the car and the 5-year-old child were known to each other.

He said the suspect sped off when the police car positioned itself behind her vehicle. He also said that the police believed the suspect to be armed at the time.

Hancock said the pursuit lasted approximately 30 miles. It went from Dunn Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard to I-95 south, proceeded through Jacksonville over the Fuller Warren Bridge and ended up near the exit for 9B.

"[The driver] attempted to exit 9B and she was coming down the ramp to my left and ended up driving straight off of this ramp into a pond," Hancock continued.

"Officers were directly behind her at the time. Numerous officers got out of the vehicles, took off their gear and went into the water.

"The suspect was apprehended in the water. Unfortunately, the child was not, the child was not located at the time.

"After the suspect was taken into custody a dive team came out, the fire department came out and through joint efforts, the child was located at the bottom of the lake deceased."

Hancock added that the woman would face charges in relation to this incident but did not detail all of the potential charges. He suspected she would face at least a traffic homicide charge.

Stock image of a police car. A kidnapped 5-year-old child was killed after a crash into a Florida pond. Getty Images