Hugo and Vlad's Return to 'Killing Eve' Explained by Fiona Shaw and Showrunner Laura Neal

Killing Eve fans who have been following the show since Season 1 will have been overjoyed to see the return of two very familiar faces. No, Hugo (played by Edward Bluemel) isn't dead and Carolyn's (Fiona Shaw) former ally Vlad (Laurence Possa) is back on the scene and actually wants to work with Carolyn, not against her. Well, for now.

Speaking to Newsweek ahead of the Episode 1 premiere, Carolyn Martens star Fiona Shaw shared her thoughts on Hugo and Vlad's return, and showrunner Laura Neal explained why she wanted to have them come back for the final season.

Hugo Turner Is Back

For years, Killing Eve fans have been wondering whatever happened to Hugo. Was he dead or alive? Did he really sue MI6 for his injuries or was he in on Carolyn's plan all along? The good news is it looks like audiences may get an answer in Killing Eve Season 4.

Hugo is alive and well but whether it was Carolyn and MI6 who saved him in Rome, The Twelve, or another force at play is yet to be confirmed.

Speaking to Newsweek, Carolyn Martens star Fiona Shaw teased what their relationship is like going forward in Killing Eve Season 4.

She said: "He was in the s*** when she knew him early on and I don't think she had much interest in him but now he seems to have also grown up and has moved on... more than just in time, he's moved on in life and he has suddenly got quite a lot of power. So that's very interesting that Hugo has done very well, particularly at her cost, I think."

In 2019, British actor Edward Bluemel joined the cast of Killing Eve Season 2 as MI6 agent, Hugo Turner.

He worked closely with Carolyn and Eve (Sandra Oh), even accompanying Eve on a trip to Rome to investigate the Peel family.

In the Season 2 finale, agents working for The Twelve stormed Hugo and Eve's hotel room, shooting the former. When Eve returned to the hotel, she found a seriously injured Hugo lying outside the hotel bedroom door. At first, she tended to his injuries but left him to try and call for help.

When she returned, Hugo's body had disappeared, and the crime scene had been cleaned up.

In Season 4, we meet Carolyn working as a cultural attaché in Spain after being demoted from her top job at MI6. While speaking with a mysterious Czech private investigator named Mr. Smith, she gets an unexpected visit from Hugo, who has been promoted to head of the Russia desk, Carolyn's old job.

He smugly tells Carolyn: "Turns out there was a surprise vacancy on the Russia desk. It's actually amazing the kind of leverage you get from being shot at work."

One thing is for sure, Hugo is not happy with Carolyn meddling in MI6 business as part of her search for The Twelve. So much so, he attempts to blackmail Carolyn with an image of Paul (Steve Pemberton), the head of MI6 whom she shot dead in the Season 3 finale, taunting: "That was you, wasn't it? Paul Bradwell".

Showrunner and head writer Laura Neal told Newsweek the mystery of what happened to Hugo and who he is was "part of the appeal of bringing him back."

She added: "For me, he makes so much sense to pair with Carolyn because I think Carolyn finds him so supremely irritating and he is representative of MI6 that she absolutely hates and I think it just made sense to give her an antagonist in that world.

"Those scenes between the two of them are so fun to write because you know that Carolyn is one step ahead of him at all times and if there's a war of words to be had, Hugo's not going to come out of that on top but he obviously thinks he would. So they're just a really fun pairing, I think."

Fiona Shaw Killing Eve
Fiona Shaw as Carolyn in "Killing Eve" Season 4. AMC

Who Is Vlad?

Laurence Possa has reprised his role as Vladimir 'Vlad' Betkin in Season 4 of Killing Eve.

Possa starred as Vlad in the first season of the show back in 2018 and four years later, his character has made a pretty significant comeback.

Vlad is a key Russian contact of Carolyn Martens, whom she betrayed by framing him in a plot involving the sale of plutonium in the 1970s.

Fans may remember in Season 1 when Eve and Kenny (Sean Delaney) revealed to Vlad it was Carolyn who framed him. Carolyn fired Eve and Kenny from MI6.

Now, Vlad is back on the scene and wants Carolyn to help him track down The Twelve, while finding out who ordered the hit on her son.

Shaw told Newsweek it was very "interesting" to see Vlad and Carolyn reunite, all those years later.

She said: "It was really interesting because it's great when a character comes back many seasons later and yet they [Carolyn and Vlad] have a history and you didn't know each other very well then so I think you have two great confidants this time and they're also reassessing their relationship now in light of.

"And he of course has become a very powerful man so she's now meeting somebody just as powerful if not more powerful than she is."

Killing Eve airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America and AMC+.