'No Clue': Kindergarten Homework Is So Impossible No One Can Work It Out

A kindergartener's homework is causing a stir online, with the supposedly easy answer stumping scores of adults.

A snap of the girl's worksheet was shared to Reddit's Mildly Interesting forum on Monday, by g19fanatic, and was captioned: "Niece's kindergarten homework..."

It starts off fairly easily, asking pupils to circle an item which is taller, and getting them to trace and write the word "said."

But another exercise asks the children to write the rest of a three-letter word, guided by the first letter and a photo of the object.

Alongside the images, the child has written "cub" and "sun," but the last one drew a blank from the student and their mom.

The letter "W" was written next to a figurine, but its corresponding word was lost on both the child and adults.

Next to the question the parents circled the drawing, and wrote: "3 adults have no idea what this is?"

The post received more than 10,000 upvotes and interactions and can be seen here.

In the comment section, G19fanatic, based in Broome County, New York, went into more detail, claiming the three people were themselves, their wife and sister-in-law.

"SIL is a lawyer. Wife is a special education teacher with masters deg. I'm an aerospace engineer... Typo fools us all, including the 5yr old niece...," they said.

They shared their initial thoughts, writing: "We were thinking either wed or wig.... but how is a 5-year-old suppose to know that one?"

And explaining why they shared it, they added: "We found it mildly interesting that they either had a typo and didn't correct or expected a 5yr old to know wed / wig."

While they clarified: "Will update once the teacher 'grades' / checks it."

The correct answer was hotly debated online, with various answers fielded by Redditors.

Sandcastor reckoned: "I am not above getting out a red pen and correcting the assignment."

Uhhlaneuh thought: "Wed probably."

Dismal-Ebb-6411 reckoned: "I'm going to saw Wow, for upside down Mom."

MrsMurphysChowder commented: "Yes, it must be a misprint. I taught for years and caught many misprints."

Electronic_Tip4786 joked: "I'd just tell my kid to write in WTF."

Raccooncandy said: "Fellow adult here, no clue what that is. Ridiculous that they think a kindergartener would know."

But Asognare asked: "Also, why in the hell would a kid use the word 'wed.'"

A few people thought it might be a typo, with the word being "nun," judging by the photo.

That was seemingly backed up by one Redditor, Amberlu510, sharing a clip of another worksheet showing the same image, with the word written out.

They wrote: "We use this for morning work. Typo. The key says nun."

But Markln123 still asked: "Children that young are supposed to know what a nun is??"

According to The New York State Kindergarten Learning Standards: A Resource for School Success: "Kindergartners are at varying stages of development as word readers and text comprehenders. Reading stages vary from emergent readers to independent readers."

Aims for the year group include being able to recognize names and all upper and lower-case letters of the alphabet, follow words from left to right and identify the front, back and title of a book.

Newsweek reached out to G19fanatic for comment.

File photo of kindergarten homework.
File photo of kindergarten homework. A question on one girl's sheet has stumped numerous people. gpointstudio/Getty Images