Kindergarten Teachers Caught Stabbing Children With Paperclips

Two kindergarten teachers have been arrested in China after CCTV footage caught them stabbing children with paperclips. Screenshot

Two Chinese kindergarten teachers have been arrested after they were caught on surveillance footage stabbing misbehaving children under their care with paperclips.

According to local media, parents of children attending Jinmiao Kindergarten, in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province, grew concerned after their children came home covered in red needle marks. Several parents then went into the kindergarten to confront the teachers after they consulted with each other and discovered that their children all shared the same red marks.

"One of the parents said she saw red needle marks on her daughter's arm," one mother, identified only by her surname Pan, said. "The girl then said the teacher stabbed her with paper clips."

After requesting to see the surveillance tapes, the parents were shocked to discover that two teachers had been stabbing their children with needles if they refused to take naps or behaved disobediently. In the footage, one of the teachers can be seen repeated jabbing Pan's son with a small object in her hand as desperately he attempts to wriggle out of her grasp. The female teacher was then seen doing the same thing to another student in the same clip.

After watching the disturbing footage, the parents immediately called the authorities from the kindergarten. Upon arrival, local police reviewed the footage and interviewed some of the children before taking the alleged abusers away.

Jinmiao Kindergarten told the China Business News that the two teachers, who were identified by their surnames Yang and Lan, attacked students with the the sharp end of paperclips if they were misbehaving or refused to take naps. Public Security Bureau said the two teachers have since been arrested and an investigation has been launched into the allegations.

According to the paper, more than 20 students had been jabbed with a paperclip by one of the teachers. Those who had visible injuries were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.