Video of Snake Swallowing Its Own Tail Goes Viral: 'Ate Itself'

A snake that created an O-shape after its tail wound its way deep into its own mouth has been filmed being released from its odd ordeal.

In a bizarre TikTok video captioned "I think this snake is broken—it ate itself," a snake enthusiast has filmed his slithery pet in an unfortunate predicament.

Owner Matty said in the video, which has been viewed more than 572,000 times: "Today this snake has actually swallowed himself. I don't know how long he has been like this."

He proceeds to use an ingenious hack to free the serpent from its horrifying situation.

Matty said: "So I'm going to just use some hand sanitizer and see if this will get him to undo what he has done."

The method sees strong alcoholic gel placed close to the snake's mouth, causing the reptile to regurgitate itself almost instantaneously, with the serpent restored to its original full length.

Following its apparent instant result, the narrator Matty is heard adding: "Yep. He didn't like the taste of hand sanitizer in his mouth."

Newsweek has contacted Matty for comment about his remarkable viral video.

More than 1,000 people took to the platform to comment about the slightly unnerving incident.

TikTok user Christ Clippinger's comment was among the most popular, writing: "There was so much more snakes inside than expected."

Sadie's comment appeared to refer to the surreal nature of the clip, writing: "I'm logging this in my Brian bank, filed under: 'very unlikely to ever need but extremely effective solutions'."

In response to another highly popular comment, a reverse edit of the viral video was uploaded.

Twitter user Daveedeco had joked: "If you posted that video in reverse, it could be a community violation."

They appeared pleased with the unnerving response, writing: "That didn't disappoint, thanks!!!! Just watched 15x).

Another top-rated comment for the clip wrote: "Packing up the snake for carry on during trips like ..."

Animal Food Planet has explained snakes periodically eat themselves for reasons unrelated to hunger, but to their inability to efficiently thermoregulate themselves or because of stress.

Ouroboros, meaning "tail-devourer" in Greek, has been a potent symbol in religion and science for millennia.

Animal videos are among the most popular type of videos on TikTok.

A clip of a female farmer who pretended to play dead this week went viral after her Border Collie dogs were filmed coming to her rescue and herding nearby cows away from their master.

king snake
Stock picture shows Holbrooki speckled king snake with tongue sticking out. A serpent going Ouroborus and eating its own tail has gone viral in a TikTok video clip irin717/Getty Images