'Kingdom Hearts 3' Beginning Choices: Is Wisdom, Vitality or Balance Best?

There are six choices to pick when you start "Kingdom Hearts 3" that affect how you play the game, but which is best? Here's everything to know about the beginning choices in KH3 and which is best for you.

After 12 years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been released. Thousands of fans of the Disney meets Final Fantasy franchise have stayed up all night or skipped work/school to grind the Heartless with Sora and the gang. Kingdom Hearts has always been a difficult series to break into, with a complicated story, over-the-top combat mechanics and poor explanations on how things work.

When you first drop into Kingdom Hearts 3 you are given a choice on how to start your journey. Do you prefer to be a tanky bruiser who runs into the middle of the fight swinging his keyblade like a mad man? Or, do you prefer a more tactical approach, using your magic to keep enemies at bay? The choice is entirely up to you and guides which of these six options you should pick.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Desires: Wisdom, Vitality or Balance?

A series of cut scenes from past Kingdom Hearts games will appear in front of you and your goal is to pick one of these Desires. Here is what each of the three does to your game:

  • Wisdom- All about that magic, picking this option allows you to spam more spells with less downtime. You will have more MP and less HP to work with in battle, starting out with 90 HP and 120 MP.
  • Vitality- If you want to show those bad guys in Organization XIII what a tough guy you are, this is the option for you. You'll get increased HP and slightly less MP overall, having 120 HP and 100 MP.
  • Balance- Find your center and become one with both your health and magic. You'll have an even split down the middle for HP and MP in the early game, with 105 HP and 110 MP.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Powers: Guardian, Mystic or Warrior

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Vitality, Wisdom or Balance: which will it be? Square Enix

After you choose one of these, you'll be prompted to pick between another three options. Another returning aspect of past Kingdom Hearts games is the power of Guardian Mystic and Warrior. Each impacts the abilities you'll learn in the early to mid game, though later in your run you'll have access to mostly everything.

  • Mystic - Picking this option makes you a better spellslinger and gives you early access to powerful spells like Aero and Cura.
  • Warrior - The brute is all about punching faces, and gives you abilities that increase your performance in battle.
  • Guardian - The aspect of Goofy and his shield, picking Guardian allows you to pick up Defensive abilities sooner. You can augment your block, allowing you to increase your combos and damage with the Guardian.

Which of these options did you pick? Tell us in the comments.