'Kingdom Hearts 3' Box Cover Art Revealed, Big Hero 6 Trailer Teases Plot

Kingdom Hearts 3 has a new trailer heading into Tokyo Game Show, and the new clip features extensive looks at worlds based on Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen and Tangled. Square Enix has also released the game's box art, giving fans a final clue as to what the last chapter in the trilogy may be about.

Kingdom Hearts 3 rings
The 'Big Hero 6' world in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' has lots of rings. Square Enix/Disney

The trailer opens with an updated scene that fans first saw as far back at E3 2015. Young Master Xehanort and Eraqus discuss the complex relationship between darkness and light and debate over which of the two forces is more powerful. That flashback then fades to a lengthy look at the Big Hero 6 world, featuring cameos from lead characters like Hiro, Wasabi, Go Go and Honey Lemon. In gameplay, Sora scales walls, links up with Baymax for a powerful attack and participates in ring-focused mini-games. Sections of the map feature dark and light elements, with the latter of the two areas calling back to the Tron world from Kingdom Hearts 2.

In the trailer's more plot-centric moments there are implications of Roxas playing a major role, while Riku continues to struggle with his pull toward darkness. It would appear both he and Aqua may become Sora's adversaries at some point in the plot, but it's possible giving into those evil urges may actually be the right thing to do. Also, Sora is Facetiming in the Gummi Ship with Ienzo, for some reason.

From here there are many quick cuts of Rapunzel from Tangled, Anna from Frozen and even Davy Jones from Pirates of of the Caribbean. There's a ton to unpack in the three minutes of footage, but fans will be eating up every last second leading up to the game's release.

Just in case you weren't convinced that Kingdom Hearts 3's release date is actually somewhat imminent, Square Enix also unveiled the game's official box art. It appropriately brings all three protagonist trios together in a single cover. All characters stare at a clocktower in what appears to be a brand-new locale stuck between day, dusk and night. Symbolically, that visual is once again suggestive of Kingdom Hearts 3 tying everything in the series together.

Kingdom Hearts 3 box art
The 'Kingdom Hearts 3' box art features three protagonist trios. Square Enix/Disney

Fans may find it hard to believe, but this major showcase at TGS further cements the incoming arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3. Six years removed from its original announcement in 2013, the end to Xehanort's story is nearly here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One Jan. 29, 2019.

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