'Kingdom Hearts 3' Flantastic Seven: Locations & Scores to Get Orichalcum+

Kingdom Hearts 3 features a small collection of mini-game bosses, called the Flantastic Seven, that appear in each of the game's main worlds. Earn a high score in each of their games to get the Orichalcum+ necessary to craft the Ultima Keyblade. We'll tell you where they're located and offer a few tips to help you win.

1) Cherry Flan [Olympus Coliseum]: Use the Overlook spawn and go all the way up to the top of the flights of stairs behind you.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 1
Ride Goofy's Shield to take down the Flan. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

This mission requires you to use Goofy's shield to hit as many Flan as possible around a predetermined course. The required high score is 20,228. This task isn't very hard even if you just follow the main path. Use the arrows on the ground to gather speed. If you have to try again, the Flan stay in the exact same spots each time.


  • Formcharge Extender
  • Three Sour Cherry Ingredients

2) Strawberry Flan [Toy Box]: For this one, use the Rest Area spawn in Toy Box. You'll see a bunch of vending machines and a giant strawberry protruding from the ground.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 2
Spin into Flan to stack them up. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

To beat this game, all you have to do is spin through Flans on your teacup to collect them. The high score is 19,550. Sometimes you'll find a Flan that wants to get in your way, but they're pretty easy to avoid. Press X or A to dash.


  • Three Strawberry Ingredients

3) Blood Orange Flan [Kingdom of Corona]: Use the Tower spawn and run through the cave behind you to reach the Hills.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 3
Wait for the Flan to pose to get the best score. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

Take seven photos of the Flan to earn a rating. Wait for the Flan to pose to get the highest possible score.


  • Treasure Magnet
  • Three Blood Orange Ingredients

4) Banana Flan [Monsteropolis]: Use the Basement spawn and go through the white door to the Door Vault. From there, take a right till you come to a huge wall of doors. In the back corner of that wall, you'll find a red door you can enter. It's next to a blue door. This takes you to the Upper Level. Directly behind you is a triangular passage to the Banana Flan.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 4
Use Thunder on groups of Flan to take them out instantly. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

In this mission, kill the small Flans while staying away from the big one. Thundaga is key to victory here. Spam that as much as you can to take out the small guys quickly. When you have to go in with your Keyblade, dodge and roll as much as possible to avoid being body slammed. The high score is 20,600.


  • Three Banana Ingredients

5) Grape Flan [Arendelle]: Use the Mountain Ridge spawn to reach the Ice Castle. Jump to the left of the spawn and glide down. You should see the Grape Flan sticking out of the ground as you land.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 5
Bring in your most powerful Keyblade to slay an army of Flan. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

In this mini-game, you must kill as many Flan as fast as possible. Thunder can help again, but you'll also want to bring in the most powerful Keyblade in your arsenal as well. Even though it's next in terms of world order, you may want to save this Flan for last so Sora can be at his highest possible level. If you keep failing, just go to San Fransokyo or the Caribbean and grind for a bit. The high score is 25,750.


  • Unison Blizzard
  • Three Grape Ingredients

6) Watermelon Flan [The Caribbean]: Use the Fort spawn and go into the big open area.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 6
When the bell glows orange, go over there to fire all the cannons. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

This game requires you to dart between the cannons to shoot as many Flan as possible. Shooting a large Flan also kills several Flan at once. When the bell in the center of your lineup has an orange glow, make your way over there as fast as possible to fire a huge multi-cannon blast. The high score is 27,800.


  • Focus Syphon
  • Three Watermelon Ingredients

7) The Melon Flan [San Fransokyo]: Use the South District Night spawn and climb up the Fashion Center behind you. Dart over to the "M" building, then to the building with the flat, circular roof closeby. Sometimes the Flan doesn't spawn in this exact location, but it's always in this general area.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Location 7
Just keep bouncing and don't touch the ground. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

Just bounce on the Flan without dropping. The high score is 4,500.


  • Attraction Extender
  • Three Melon Ingredients

If you've hit all the high scores up to this point, you should also earn Orichalcum+ and a Falnniversary Badge that grants a large boost in Strength and Magic. That's all there is to know about the Flantastic Seven!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Orichalcum+
If you do well enough at all the mini-games, you'll get the Orichalcum you seek. Square Enix/Everglow @ YouTube

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Be sure to also check out our Lucky Emblems location guide and Ultima Weapon guide to get even more Orichalcum+.

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