'Kingdom Hearts 3' Midnight Release Locations: Where Can You Wield the Keyblade Before Release Date?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is almost out to the North American public. The game, in development for more than a decade, ties up the loose ends and confusing plot strings that have plagued the franchise since its inception. Following the lives of Sora, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey and dozens of characters with fancy hair, the third (but more like the twelfth) entrant in the series is sure not to disappoint anyone who's desired to be a keyblade wielder.

You can play Kingdom Hearts 3 on your Xbox or PlayStation 4 at midnight on January 29 if you pre-download it beforehand. If you are looking to play the game as soon as possible and need a physical copy, here's where you can pick it up.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Midnight Release Locations

Chances are that there's a store that's near you that will have Kingdom Hearts 3 available slightly early, but it's best to check. Store locators for Gamestop, Best Buy or Target are available online, allowing you to track which is closest to you.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Midnight Release: Gamestop

Players can start picking up their copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 at 9 p.m. local time at most Gamestop locations. You have until 6 p.m. EST. to finalize your pre-order to make sure that you get a copy before everyone else. If you already pre-ordered the limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS Pro console, your pre-order may have been deleted because they oversold the item. Check your email before heading out and finding out there's nothing for you to play KH on.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Midnight Release: Best Buy

Like Resident Evil 2 , it doesn't look like Best Buy will be having an early release of Mickey and the gang. The earliest you'll be able to pick up the game is when your local store opens on January 29. Some Best Buy stores are open late, so check your local hours and call before you haul.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Midnight Release: Everywhere Else

There might be a local game store that's willing to break the street date if you ask really nicely. The best way to get KH3 early without access to a Gamestop is to give your business to smaller brick and mortar stores. Use Google accordingly and find a spot that works for you.

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