'Kingkiller Chronicle' TV Show Update: 'We Haven't Cracked It' Says Lin-Manuel Miranda

In September, Showtime passed on the Kingkiller Chronicle TV show the network was developing alongside Lionsgate TV, setting loose the fantasy adaptation to be shopped at other networks. So far, no takers have been announced. During a Tuesday Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Kingkiller Chronicle Co-Executive Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda offered an update on the series' status, suggesting the TV series, based on The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss, may still have a long road ahead of it.

"If there's one person I trust working on a television series based on Kingkiller Chronicle it's you," one questioner said to Miranda, during an AMA primarily focused on his role in the HBO series His Dark Materials. "What's it been like working on music for the show?"

"The honest answer? We haven't cracked it. As you know, it's an incredibly rich story and complex world. When we crack it, there'll be news. But not before it's absolutely right. Working with Pat has been a total joy," Miranda responded.

In May, Kingkiller Chronicle showrunner John Rogers (Leverage) said he had finished writing a draft of the Kingkiller season finale. Rogers indicated that all 10 episodes of the first season had been drafted, but there was still a lot of work ahead.

"This is the day I put the season finale pages down and back out to the outline and track the emotional payoffs of the season-long themes LONGHAND," Rogers said, tweeting about his writing process. "It's as if I need the physicality of the pen to break the 'typing' mindset of plotting and dialogue and scenework."

The UK covers for the first two books in Patrick Rothfuss' "The Kingkiller Chronicle." Gollancz Books

Miranda's work on the music for Kingkiller Chronicle also seemed to be proceeding apace. But Miranda has more work ahead of him than simply composing a score. The two novels so far released in The Kingkiller Chronicle—The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, follow the life of Kvothe from street urchin to legendary adventurer, which he narrates from the tavern where he's exiled himself for reasons unknown. An expert lutist and songwriter, music is an essential part of The Kingkiller Chronicle lore.

The Kingkiller Chronicle TV show is a prequel to Kvothe's story, set amongst his travelling troupe of entertainers. So music will be just as central to the TV show as the source material.

Miranda has offered several updates on his progress writing music for The Kingkiller Chronicle, describing in July how he had "sketches" for several of the songs from novels.

Lay of Sir Savien has me sh*tting my pants. Not ready yet. Already have sketches for Lady Lackless and Chandrian rhyming tune, did those for fun from the book. https://t.co/AauBnvtP5J

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) July 30, 2018

When Deadline announced Showtime wouldn't be picking up The Kingkiller Chronicle series, they also reported Lionsgate TV would be looking for other outlets, with "multiple produced scripts" ready for consideration. Miranda's answer suggests work on The Kingkiller Chronicle is ongoing, despite its current uncertain status.