Kitten Found Crying in Tree Becomes Best Friends With Toddler in Heartwarming Video

A video of a little girl cuddling her new kitten who was rescued from a tree is melting hearts online.

The adorable footage was shared to Reddit by an account called Lydiarae77 and shows the toddler holding the small tabby cat, who is now her "best friend" in her arms as she squeezes the animal tight.

The caption to 23-second clip reads: "Found a kitten crying in a tree over the creek. Climbed to the top to get her.

"Now, my daughter has a new best friend. Meet Luna...we didn't need another cat but she needed us and now we are in love!"

Further in the comments section, the parent explained that she "found the kitten last week."

She added: "I went around to all the neighbors and no one claimed her. The neighbor on the other side of the creek said she heard her crying for DAYS (and did nothing).

"I posted on our local FB page and no one claimed her. Maybe I rushed things but I got her an appointment Monday for a full work up. She has now been FeLV/FIV tested, vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped," the Redditor continued.

"WELCOME TO YOUR FOREVER HOME SWEET LUNA. (Of course if someone ever does come forward we would be heartbroken but I would never keep someone else's pet if it already has a loving home)."

The adorable footage, which can be watched here, has gained lots of traction on the Reddit forum "Cats" since it was posted on November 24, having received more than 14,000 upvotes.

Additionally nearly 440 people have left comments, sharing their delight at the wholesome story.

One Reddit user, Spacecatterpillar, wrote: "You may not have known you needed another cat but it sure looks like you did."

Another person, Nervous_Resource8094, added: "Oh my goodness the cute level here is off. the. charts."

Piper_Blue typed: "That is such a gentle patient cat! Many interactions between small kids and cats end in scratches and tears."

Nreffohc shared: "That kitty probably really wanted help! Cats rarely let anyone hold then, at least like that!"

IntentionForsaken932 gushed: "Luna is absolutely gorgeous. What great friends Luna and your little daughter are going to be."

Justkeepswimming- revealed: "I was lucky enough to get my first cat when I was 5 years old. You're doing a great thing for your daughter."

Mskip28 opined: "Okay this is by far the cutest thing I've seen on the Internet all year. They love each other so much."

Substantial_Fall_878 commented: "This is so beautiful. Worth every tear drop it might bring to people."

Child kissing a cat
A stock image of a child kissing a cat. On Reddit a woman shared a video of her little girl cuddling a kitten that the family rescued, and people find it adorable. iStock