Kitten Trapped in Drain for a Week Rescued by Arizona Firefighters

A tiny kitten trapped in a city drain in Phoenix, Arizona, was saved by the fire department in a two-day operation.

It is thought the ginger kitten had been trapped for up to a week before it was rescued and taken to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) for treatment.

Phoenix Fire Station 61 was called in to help after it received multiple calls from members of the public saying they could hear "meowing" coming from a sewer pipe near 20th Street and Indian School Road.

The department worked with the AHS during a two-day operation to remove the kitten from the pipe.

A video of the rescue was released by the AHS. In it, firefighters lift the drain cover and peer down into the hole.

The kitten's cries can be heard and they set a trap for it. The following day they return and the kitten has been caught. "There you are!" one of the firefighters says before the team lifts the trap from the hole.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Kitten rescued after one week stuck in a drain!Because of the teamwork and collaboration of Phoenix Fire Department and AHS’...

The AHS took the kitten to be examined by vets at the AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital. It is now being treated for fleas

"Word on the street is that one of the firefighters on scene is interested in adopting the little squirt," the AHS wrote in a Facebook post. "Wags and purrs for our friends at Phoenix Fire Station 61."

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According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 6.3 million pets are sent to animal shelters every year. Of these, approximately 3.2 million are cats. It is estimated that around 530,000 cats are euthanized every year.

The number of stray cats and dogs being euthanized has fallen significantly in the U.S. in the last decade. Approximately 2.6 million were put down in 2011. The fall is related to far more cats and dogs being adopted, as well as an increase in lost animals being reunited with their owners.

The AHS, one of the biggest animal shelters in Arizona, now has an "Ethical No-Kill Philosophy" where it will not euthanize an animal because they need space or because it has been housed by them for an extended period.

Because of initiatives like this, it has reduced the number of animals being put down by 82 percent, equating to about 115,000 pets.

The AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital treats approximately 11,000 homeless pets every year.

The kitten was rescued from the drain following a two-day operation by the Phoenix Fire Department and the Arizona Humane Society. Phoenix Fire Department