Kitten Who Loves Baths Is Melting Hearts Online

If you've ever tried to bathe a cat you will know that felines have an aversion to water.

However, one little kitten has gone viral for his penchant for splashing about in a bath—and the internet finds it adorable.

In a 45-second clip, which was shared to Reddit by a user called Immaeatyourpizza, we can see a small ginger cat paddling about in a bath tub and chasing his tail.

A human hand then reaches down to move about inside the tub, creating a miniature whirlpool in the water.

Trained zoologist Luis Villazon explained in the BBC Science Focus Magazine why, traditionally, cats don't like water.

"Cats groom themselves with constant regular licking, and this stops skin oils from building up on their fur," he revealed.

"As a result a cat's coat is fluffier and less waterproof than a dog's, so they get colder and their fur feels heavier if they get wet."

However, Immaeatyourpizza explained under their video, which can be viewed here, that their cat became interested in bathing when their husband was showering one day.

They wrote: "We kept the bathroom door opened at all times (just in case he needs to use a litter box). And then one day he randomly decided to jump inside the bathtub when my husband was taking shower.

"Now it's impossible to take a bath/shower without our fluffy boy, he's going full bonkers mode whenever there's a sound of running water."

The adorable footage, which was shared on December 5, is captioned: "We adopted a kitten who's head over heels in love with water."

The clip has gained a lot of traction online, having surpassed a whopping 24,500 upvotes and attracted many comments, with some people admitting their pet also loves to splash around.

One Reddit user, Ximena, wrote: "Adorable! I hope I get a cat that loves water."

Another person, LargeMosquito, added: "My cat absolutely loved drinking running water from the bath.

"Every morning she'd get in the bath and start crying until someone turned on the tap."

Accomplished_Meet834 admitted: "So jealous! I have 3 [cats] and they all hate water."

ZOOMER_COOOOOMER gushed: "I want to buy him little rubber duckies and cute bath toys and play with him."

Significant_Shoe_17 revealed: "My tabby loved water! He was always playing in the sink! He would hop in there and wait for us to turn the faucet on."

Maximum-Student2749 stated: "What a sweetheart!"

Sabaqueen_ stated: "I have two orange tabby's and they also love water!!"

SammieBoy17 gushed: "I've had cats that LOVE water too. Depends on the cat I guess.

"My daughters fat floofy girl loves baths, well I should say she doesn't love them at first, but is ok with it once she's wet."

Cat having bath
A stock image of a cat in a bath. On Reddit, an adorable kitten was filmed enjoying splashing around in a tub. iStock

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