Kitten Who Won't Let Owner Go to Work Delights the Internet: 'So Cute'

A tiny kitten blocking its owner from going out the door to work has captured the hearts of viewers on Reddit.

The viral post, titled, "Sorry boss I can't go to work today...," has been upvoted 37,700 times since being posted on February 23. In the short 10-second clip shared by u/MituButChi, who did not shoot the footage, it started with a tiny white kitten meowing at its owner's feet in the subreddit "Aww."

The owner picked the cat up with one hand, placing it in a cat bed in the corner on the other side of the room. But as soon as the cat was in the bed, it ran toward the front door, seemingly blocking the way to work for its owner as the cat cried once more before the video cut off.

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Small kitten
A kitten who won't let its owner go to work has delighted the internet. Here, a small kitten with a black background. UZHURSKY/GETTY

People seemed to love and appreciate the video of the kitten obstructing its owner's path out the door to work. "Boss: 'Unacceptable. Please bring cat to work for overtime scratches,'" a Redditor joked.

Some Redditors imagined what the tiny kitten was trying to say. "Nooo!" a user theorized. "Don't go human! It's scary out there!"

Words of appreciation came rolling in over the kitten, with some people saying things like, "Cuteness cardiac arrest," "So cute," and "Awww, this made my day."

While many saw the humor in the moment between the tiny cat and its human. "It has become a hostage situation," a Reddit user joked. "You can't leave before the ransom of 10 tummy scratches have been met."

One viewer seemed shocked at the cat's reaction. "Wow, that cat really doesn't want you to leave," they reasoned.

A Redditor wondered if the behavior displayed in the video was typical for a kitten, adding, "Wow! I've seen doggos do this, but never a cat."

Another user said they could sympathize with the owner in the situation, saying, "It's the most heartbreaking thing when they don't want you to leave them alone."

A Redditor admitted they got emotional over the content, saying they are pregnant, "and this made me cry so hard," they revealed. "Poor baby wants daddy to stay home!"

Newsweek reached out to u/MitiButChi for comment.

Updated 02/25/2022, 11:36 a.m. ET: This story has been updated to clarify that u/MitiButChi did not shoot the video posted to Reddit.