Men in KKK Hoods Carrying Trump Flags Interrupt Black Lives Matter Protest in Nevada

A peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Nevada was briefly interrupted by two men wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods and carrying Donald Trump flags.

Video has emerged showing the moment protesters from both sides came together to jeer and chant against the men who showed up at the demonstration in Fallon on Monday.

The clip shows one officer arriving to talk to the men in white hoods while at least one protester chants: "No Trump, No KKK, no racist, fascist USA."

The footage ends with both men appearing to turn and walk away from the crowd after being spoken to by the officer.

The Fallon Police Department has been contacted for further comment.

Right after we concluded our peaceful protest.

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The incident had marred what had been a peaceful protest, which resulted in BLM protesters and "all lives matter" counter-demonstrators, some of whom were armed, coming together and hugging.

Max Ryan, one of those who brought a gun to the rally in order to "address my second amendment right to bear arms and to make sure this stayed peaceful," described how the BLM came over to the counter-demonstrators to discuss their views.

"What ended up transpiring, I don't think either one of us saw happening," Ryan told KTVM.

"The parties came across each other's line. And they said they come in peace. So I said if you come in peace, then give me a hug. And the next thing I know we were having a civilized conversation, educating each other.

"It's kind of amazing what one hug can do sometimes," said Ryan.

In a Facebook post discussing the protest, Ryan added: We spoke for over an hour sharing or opinions and believes. We actually found we agree on more than we disagree on. To include the way the movement has been handled in other places.

"Thanks to all the BLM protesters for being peaceful and open-minded."

BLM protester Ladaysha Dula was one of those who hugged Ryan and other counter-demonstrators. She said she attended the protest to call for justice for "all those who lost their lives at the hands of police brutality. We want a better system."

The incident arrived as several petitions urging the government to declare the KKK a terrorist organization have gone viral, resulting in more than one million combined signatures.

"Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims. We ask if ISIS or ISIL is labeled a terrorist group for their acts, then surely the KKK fit the clear description of a terrorist," the Change KKK status into Terrorist Organization petition states, which has attracted more than 667,000 signatures.

A photo illustration of a White supremacy Ku Klux Klan member in white robe and hood hiding his face on August 2014 in London,England. A Black Lives Matter protest in Nevada was briefly interrupted by two men wearing KKK hoods