Dozens of KKK Recruitment Fliers Found in Oklahoma

Residents of a small town in Oklahoma has described their disgust after dozens of Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers were left at their homes.

Marietta Mayor Kimberly Fraire said police found around 75 KKK fliers at homes in the town, which has just over 2,600 residents.

Fraire said it appears that the fliers were distributed at random and do not appear to have been targeting specific properties.

The leaflets included the name of a KKK church website and were attached to a rock to weigh them down.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying who delivered the leaflets, as they could face public nuisance and littering charges. The mayor said as the fliers contained the word "church," they are protected by the First Amendment.

"Officers are investigating the recent unsolicited distribution of religious/political materials in the City of Marietta," the Marietta Police Department said in a statement. "Please contact us if you received these materials or have surveillance video of those delivering the material."

Kiera Akins, who found a flier at her mother's house, told KXII: "I think every person of color has probably experienced racism at one point, but not so personal like this. Not at everybody's doorstep.

"This is ridiculous, it doesn't even make sense," she added. "We've never experienced anything like this. I've been living here in Marietta for 30 years."

Speaking to KFOR, Fraire said: "It was just kind of taking me by surprise because we haven't had anything like that in this area.

"Why are we dealing with this still? Why are we having to deal with this hate?"

Similar fliers were also found in Kay County near Ponca City.

The town of Marietta is planning a peace rally on Sunday in response to the appearance of the white supremacist fliers.

"We are in this together," Fraire added to KFOR. "We're still a community and not to let anyone divide us from that."

The Marietta Police Department has been contacted for further comment.

Last week, residents of the Oklahoma town of Peckham also had KKK recruitment fliers delivered to their homes.

The leaflets, containing the messages "Save Our Land" and "Join the Klan," were found in plastic bags and weighed down with stones.

The Kay County Sheriff's Office previously told Newsweek that they conducted follow-ups with the residents of Peckham and ruled that whoever was responsible for handing out the fliers had not violated any laws. The fliers had been placed on the ground next to the mailboxes.

A Klansman raises his left arm during a "white power" chant at a Ku Klux Klan rally December 16, 2000 in Skokie, IL. Residents of a town in Oklahoma has described their disgust after dozens of KKK recruitment fliers were left at people's homes. Tim Boyle/Newsmakers/Getty