Klobuchar Says Stimulus Deal Could Come Within Weeks as Schumer Raises Hopes of McConnell Talks

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said lawmakers could pass a second stimulus package "in the next few weeks" as it was claimed that Republican and Democratic lawmakers had agreed to enter into fresh talks over COVID relief funding.

Speaking to the local news outlet Kare 11, Klobuchar said she had been involved with fresh stimulus negotiations and believed a bipartisan agreement could be reached in the wake of the 2020 elections.

The Minnesota Democrat also blamed Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for a stall in talks over his refusal to bring the Heroes Act passed by the House of Representatives onto the Senate floor for a vote.

"For a long time, Mitch McConnell has blocked the Heroes Act, which passed the House, from coming to the [Senate] floor," Klobuchar told Kare 11. "The good news I have is that the negotiations have started up again. I have been part of some of them, and I think we're going to pass something in the next few weeks."

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar
Senator Amy Klobuchar speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on November 17, 2020 in Washington, DC. Klobuchar said lawmakers could pass a second stimulus package "in the next few weeks". Hannah McKay-Pool/Getty Images

She later added that any relief bill would likely come after the Thanksgiving holidays due to the time it typically takes to get legislation through the Senate. The senator also urged both sides to get a deal done.

"I think that it should get done in the next few weeks," Klobuchar said. I don't think we should go home at the end of the year without getting it done. I don't plan to."

The Minnesota senator issued her remarks after the Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer told reporters on Thursday that McConnell (R-KY) had agreed to enter into another round of stimulus negotiations, following previous breakdowns in talks.

"Last night, they've agreed to sit down and the staffs are going to sit down today or tomorrow to try to begin to see if we can get a real good COVID relief bill," the New York senator said, according to CNBC.

However, Politico reported that Republican staffers had disputed the Democratic lawmaker's claims, and it is still unclear what stage any revived COVID relief talks have reached.

In a statement published by the Senate Republican Communications Center on Thursday night, the GOP majority leader said: "Republicans moved heaven and earth to help workers keep their jobs and help small businesses keep the lights on—from the springtime to now.

"But now, we might lose the hardest-hit small businesses in the home stretch because Democrats have refused to let us continue helping."

Newsweek has contacted Sen. McConnell's office for comment and further details. This article will be updated with any response.