Lee Si Eon and Seo Ji Seung's Wedding Plans: What We Know So Far

Korean actor Lee Si Eon, 39 and Korean actress Seo Ji Seung, 33, are tying the knot later this year.

Lee's management agency, Story J Company, revealed Monday that the pair will be getting married next month, according to Korean media reports.

The celebrity couple will be getting married in a "small wedding" on Jeju Island—the largest of South Korea's more than 3,000 islands—this Christmas on December 25, 2021, according to the agency.

Here's everything we know so far.

Seo Ji Seung and Lee Si Eon's Wedding Plans

The ceremony is expected to be a modest affair, inviting only a few guests, such as close family members and relatives, according to the agency, reported South Korea's Dong-A Ilbo.

Story J Company said "as it is a private matter, we cannot disclose specific details [about the wedding] such as the exact location," South Korea's Yonhap reported.

The latest wedding announcement comes five years after Lee first joined the famed Korean reality/variety television show I Live Alone, which offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of celebrities who are single.

He left the show in December 2020, after which marriage rumors swirled around the actor, according to Dong-A Ilbo.

But Lee denied the wedding rumors at the time, South Korea's Hankyung reported.

Lee and Seo confirmed their relationship at the end of February in 2018, by which time they had been dating for five months.

Lee's agency at the time said the two were known to be friendly colleagues as senior/junior actors in the business, before progressing to a romantic relationship, South Korea's Osen reported.

Lee made his debut in the 2009 K-drama Friend, Our Legend and is best known for his role in the 2021 K-drama Reply, 1997. In 2017, he won a Best New Actor award at the MBC Entertainment Awards in the variety show category for his role in I Live Alone.

Seo made her debut in 2006 via the K-drama Sharp 2 and appeared in several other shows and films since, including the series Dear My Sister and the film Very Ordinary Couple, among other works.

Where Is Jeju Island?

Found at the southwestern tip of South Korea, Jeju Island is located off the coast of Jeollanamdo (the South Jeolla province).

The idyllic, paradise-like island has often been dubbed the "Hawaii of South Korea," known for its white sandy beaches, picturesque waterfalls and otherworldly volcanic landscape, as home to one of the world's most impressive lava cave systems, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With a temperate, subtropical climate, the island has also long been a popular honeymoon destination among Koreans. Jeju also features Loveland, an erotic sculpture theme park, which perhaps is a tongue-in-cheek homage to its honeymoon origins.

The beach coast of Jeju Island.
The beach coast of Jeju Island in South Korea. iStock / Getty Images Plus