Five Members of K-Pop Group Enhypen Test COVID Positive

Five members of Enhypen, a seven-piece K-pop boy band, have tested positive for COVID, the group's agency said on Thursday.

Members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake and Sunghoon were diagnosed with COVID while undergoing self-quarantine following a positive case at a production site on August 25, according to a statement from the band's agency Belift Lab.

The statement was shared on September 2 on Weverse, the Korean mobile app and web platform where fans and artists can interact, reported Soompi.

The agency said the band entered a period of self-quarantine from August 26 due to close contact with the COVID patient at the production site.

The statement said following confirmation of the COVID case at the production site, all who were present, including the artists, underwent PCR testing. They were confirmed as negative at the time and entered into self-quarantine.

On August 29, Jake began showing symptoms including coughing and fever. He underwent PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing after reporting his symptoms to the local government health center. He was confirmed to have COVID-19 on August 30.

Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay and Sunghoon also began showing similar symptoms on August 30 and underwent PCR testing, which also showed they had COVID, according to the statement.

All the artists and staff who were in quarantine also tested themselves for COVID twice a day and closely monitored their health, undergoing PCR testing as soon as any symptoms arose, the statement said.

Belift Lab said the infected artists are currently showing mild symptoms and the "necessary measures are being carried out," following instructions from local health officials, including assignment and relocation to treatment facilities.

Support for a Rapid Recovery

The agency stated: "Our company will provide full support for the rapid recovery of the members, placing the health and safety of our artists as our highest priority," and that it will "continue to cooperate fully with requests and instructions from government health authorities."

"We apologize for causing concern to all fans by being unable to prevent the occurrence of this series of infections despite our effort to ensure that precautions were in place on site," the agency said.

According to the agency's website, the group doesn't have any concerts or activities scheduled at this time.

Enhypen was formed in November 2020. They were the finalists of a music competition show called I-LAND that aired in South Korea last year, according to the Belift Lab website.

Fans Wish Enhypen Speedy Recovery

K-pop fans have shared messages of support for the band on social media and the words: "GET WELL SOON ENHYPEN" have been trending on Twitter, along with other related messages and hashtags.

User @yjwsjlhs posted an image of the group with the message: "get well soon enhypen,i love u<3 we're always here for you #AlwaysWithENHYPEN." The tweet received at least 1,700 likes since it was posted.

User @vietaeyy also tweeted images of the band in a post that read: "Get well soon ENHYPEN, ENGENE's [the official name for fans of Enhypen] are always with you. MAHAL NAMIN KAYO!! #Getwellsoon_ENHYPEN #AlwaysWithENHYPEN." The post received over 1,000 likes since it was shared.

User @jungk_hyekookie shared another band image, tweeting: "Get well soon @ENHYPEN_members and i hope you guys can recovery as soon as possible.Also Sunoo and Niki please stay safe and take care of your healthy.We will always praying for you guys GET WELL SOON ! #ALWAYSWITHENHYPEN." The post had over 680 likes at the time of reporting.

get well soon @ENHYPEN_members and i hope you guys can recovery as soon as possible.Also Sunoo and Niki please stay safe and take care of your healthy.We will always praying for you guys 🙏


— ✿hyeitsmelynnnkook✿! (@jungk_hyekookie) September 2, 2021

Rising COVID Cases in South Korea

Reuters reported on August 26 that South Korea saw its highest daily COVID toll this year on August 25, with 20 deaths recorded.

The number of severe COVID cases was reported to have more than doubled since the current and worst wave of infections began in July, Reuters reported.

Total active cases (patients currently in hospital or recovering at home) has been rising on a sharp incline since late June, according to data compiled by Worldometer.

The seven-day average of cases increased from late June and slightly declined from mid-August, according to Worldometer.

South Korea has struggled to accelerate its vaccination program amid supply shortages and shipment delays, Reuters reported on August 26.

The country had administered over 45.7 million COVID vaccine doses, as of Thursday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

K-pop group Enhypen in South Korea.
Enhypen performing on stage at the 30th High1 Seoul Music Awards on January 31 in Seoul, South Korea. The Sports Seoul via Getty Images