Police are on the scene of a reported shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee.

The Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff's deputies are assisting the Collierville Police Department at the store at 240 New Byhalia Road.

In a press conference after the shooting occurred, Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane confirmed one person was killed and 12 others injured. The shooter was also killed by what authorities believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The victims were sent to multiple hospitals, with at least 4 of them in critical condition.

The live coverage for this event has ended.

A woman uses a cellphone in the parking lot as police respond to the scene of a shooting at a Kroger's grocery store in Collierville, Tenn., on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021Joe Rondone/The Commercial Appeal via AP

Additional Victim Went to Hospital With Panic Attack After Shooting

During a press conference, a spokesperson from the Collierville Police Department said that, in addition to the 13 victims currently in local hospitals, an additional person present at the shooting entered a local hospital to receive treatment for an anxiety attack.

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said that no police or children were injured in the shooting. There are also no additional known threats following the shooting, he said. All 44 Kroger employees who were in the store at the time of the shooting were accounted for, Lane added.

A department statement issued via Facebook said that the suspected shooter died by suicide in the rear of the grocery store. The store will stay closed indefinitely as the investigation continues, Teresa Dickerson, a Kroger spokesperson said.

Shooter May Have Been Kroger Store Employee

The gunman in the Collierville Kroger shooting may have been one of the supermarket's employees, according to WMC-TV reporter Brandon Richard.

"Co-workers recognized the shooter as a Kroger employee," he wrote. A family member of another employee also told WMC-TV that the shooter was a Kroger employee.

Investigators of the shooting are reportedly using a robot to search the suspect's vehicle, according to WHBQ-TV reporter Dakarai Turner.

Tennessee Senators 'Closely Monitoring' Shooting, State Sen Calls For 'Collective Action'

Both of Tennessee's federal senators have released statements, saying they're "closely monitoring" developments following the Collierville Kroger shooting. A state senator has said "collective action" is needed to stop future shootings.

"Our office has been in contact with ATF, TBI, and local authorities on the ground, and we are closely monitoring the situation in Collierville. We are praying for all of the victims," Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn wrote.

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty wrote, "Tragic news out of Collierville, TN, that I'm closely monitoring. I'm grateful to law enforcement & first responders for their heroic actions. Chrissy & I are praying for the victims & this TN community that is hurting. My office is available to anyone needing assistance."

Raumesh Akbari, a Democratic state senator, wrote, "My heart aches for our families who are caught in yet another act of senseless gun violence," WHBQ-TV reported.

"My family is praying for these victims and their caregivers, but it's going to take collective action from us all to heal the scars of this tragedy moving forward," Akbari added. "No one should have to watch over their shoulder at work or picking up groceries. This cannot be the cost of living in a free society."

Trauma Center Has 9 Patients From Shooting, 4 In Critical Condition

Nine people injured in the Collierville Kroger shooting have been sent to the trauma center of Regional One Health Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Four of the injured people at Regional One are in critical condition, and five are in non-critical condition, according to WREG reporter Stacy Jacobson.

Two other people injured in the shooting were sent to Methodist University Hospital, also in Memphis, Tennessee, Jacobson added.

Kroger 'deeply saddened' by Collierville shooting, store indefinitely closed

After a shooting at their Collierville store resulted in 12 injuries and two deaths, including the suspected shooter, Kroger released a statement saying they were "deeply saddened" by the incident.

"The entire Kroger family offers our thoughts, prayers and support to the individuals and families of the victims during this difficult time," the statement said.

The statement added that the store would remain closed indefinitely as law enforcement continued their investigation and referred any questions to the Collierville Police Department.

Police tell people to avoid area as Kroger shooting investigation continues

Collierville Police instructed people to avoid the area around the Kroger store where a shooting occurred Thursday afternoon. The department tweeted that the scene was secure, but still part of an active investigation.

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said the suspected shooter was dead, and law enforcement were still waiting to examine the shooter's vehicle in the Kroger parking lot for evidence.

Kroger cashier said shooter followed people as they ran for cover

A Kroger cashier described her experience running for cover during the shooting.

She said once she heard gunshots, she grabbed other people are made her way to the back of the store. The shooter followed her as she ran to safety, she told reporters.

She also described some of the injuries to customers and employees.

"One of my coworkers got shot in the head. And a customer got shot in the stomach and an arm," she said, "Another one of my coworkers got cut on top of his eye from the asphalt."

She could not see how her coworker got shot in the head because she said she was ducking and "everybody was covered."

Police recently trained for mass shooting ahead of attack at store

Collierville police trained for mass shootings two months ago at the city's hospital, Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said during a press conference Thursday.

He commended the cooperation between the various agencies that responded to the scene of the Collierville Kroger store shooting, saying that it was a "terrific" occurrence in an otherwise tragic incident.

"I've been involved with this for 34 years, and I've never seen anything like it," he said.

He added that it was with a "broken heart" that he delivered the news of the shooting, calling it the "most horrific event that's occurred in Collierville history."

Kroger employees hid in freezers, offices during shooting

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said police SWAT and other officers went aisle to aisle in the Kroger when they arrived on the scene.

He said employees were hiding in the aisles, inside of freezers and in offices.

"We found people hiding in freezers, in locked offices," he said. "They were doing what they had been trained to do: run, hide, fight."

There was also an employee who was rescued from the roof of the building.

Collierville Police Chief describes shooting as "most horrific event that's occurred in Collierville history"

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane described Thursday's shooting at the Kroger as the "most horrific event that's occurred in Collierville history."

Lane said that police expect to give another press briefing in three hours.

Shooter's car remains in Kroger parking lot, to be examined for evidence

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said the shooter's vehicle is still in the Kroger parking lot, waiting to be examined for evidence.

The investigation is ongoing. It is unclear at this time if the shooter was a Kroger employee.

Police confirm 12 injured, 1 dead at Collierville Kroger store

The Thursday shooting at the Collierville Kroger store left 12 injured and one person dead, according to Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane.

The alleged shooter is also dead from what police believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot.

Shooter dead from self-inflicted wound

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane says multiple people were shot at the Kroger store.

He said there was one male shooter who is now dead, apparently from a self-inflicted wound.

FBI on scene in Collierville as numerous casualties reported

The FBI is on the scene at the Collierville Kroger store, along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as reports of casualties continue to come in.

Law enforcement sources told local news station FOX 13 that nine people were shot.

Kroger employees gather outside store

Kroger employees were lead out of the store in a single file line, local news agencies on the scene reported.

Employees, wearing aprons and masks, gathered in the Kroger parking lot.

Ambulances seen leaving Kroger parking lot

Ambulances were seen leaving the Kroger on New Byhalia and Poplar Avenue in Collierville.

There are multiple people possibly injured, WREG reports. However, there are no official reports on victims or injuries.

'I just ran out the door,' says employee of Collierville Kroger store

Glenda McDonald, an employee of the Collierville Kroger store, was able to escape the building during Thursday's shooting, Commercial Appeal reported.

She said she had walked out the store's back office and was headed to the floral counter, where she works, when she heard what she believed to be a gunshot.

"I just ran out the door," McDonald said. "I left my purse, my keys, everything."

McDonald said that she didn't suffer any injuries and was unsure how many others may have been shot or injured, the Appeal reported.