Deji and KSIi Beef Explained: Why The Brothers are Feuding (Again)

Olajide "KSI" Olatunji and his brother Deji are continuing the recent trend of YouTuber squabbles and drama. On Saturday, Deji released a 45-minute video talking about his brother and the bullying he endured over the years. Deji claimed that KSI "never took (his) side" in private with their parents or in public when there was internet "beef." Though Deji claims that he supported his brother through his hardships, the younger of the pair says that he felt that his brother wasn't there for him.

"I've supported him when he had sexual claims regarding his videos, all those videos he used to do," Deji said in the video. "I've supported him in everything, even when he took a long break on YouTube I still supported him."

Throughout the video, Deji shows screenshots of texts between the brothers attempting to explain the pair's dynamic. There were texts from their public feud over Christmas, where the pair posted videos about each other containing private conversations. It ended with them screaming at each other over Christmas dinner.

Though KSI publicly agreed to stop fighting, the text messages show that the pair continued to fight for months, "I'm tired of being treated like shit, this is me finally standing up for myself and not letting my brother bully me anymore," Deji said at the end of the video.

Since Deji released the video, other YouTubers and their fans was quick to have his brother's back YouTubers like Kavos and PewDiePie jumped to Deji's defense, proclaiming KSI as the enemy in all of this. Since Deji's video went live, KSI has lost over 50,000 subscribers on his main channel while Deji's channel ComedyShortsGamer has gained 100,000 subs according to SocialBlade.

KSI wrote on Twitter on the day that Deji released his video that he doesn't care if he is losing subscribers because they "just don't matter anymore."

Oh noooooo, I’m losing subs. Lemme try and find a fuck to give 😂😂😂. I’ve been doing this YouTube thing for too long to care about shit like that. Subs don’t even matter anymore these days. The kid only talks to me publicly for self gain. So I just don’t care anymore 🤷🏿‍♂️

— KSI (@KSIOlajidebt) May 26, 2019

That stance stance changed after a couple of days, tweeting on Tuesday that he had finally watched the video and that he will be replying with his own video. KSI had even tweeted that those with information on his brother should contact him, but quickly deleted the tweet.

Time to end this once and for all I guess

— KSI (@KSIOlajidebt) May 28, 2019

Newsweek contacted both KSI and Deji but did not hear back by publication time.