KSI and Deji Beef Explained: Boxing Brothers Beef Ends in Christmas Feud

Olajide "KSI" William Olatunji and Oladeji "Deji" Daniel Olatunji are brothers who have been making videos on YouTube for almost a decade. They've played FIFA , pranked each other and boxed the Paul brothers in front of a global audience of millions. Recently, the duo have been going through a bit of a public feud, with it all ending with a massive Twitter fight on Christmas Eve. Keeping up with all the drama can be difficult, so here's a rundown of what's been going on over the past few weeks.

What Happened Between KSI and Deji?

Over the past year, the pair has squabbled over numerous small things. In November, KSI's friend Randolph said "Deji had a dead channel" in a Family Feud -style video, causing Deji to respond with a diss track calling his brother and his friend out. "He kind of overreacts, he takes everything to heart," KSI said in a response video. The next week, Deji used screenshots of KSI's bank account, showing transactions paying for Randolph's wedding. KSI believed this was a breach of his trust.

From there, things started to escalate very quickly, with the brothers getting into public shouting matches on Twitter. KSI blocked Deji on Twitter and Instagram, causing the internet gossip-sphere to start speculating.

"Family always has your back" pic.twitter.com/MeG89LNWiL

— Deji (@Deji) December 1, 2018

Keemstar of YouTube channel DramaAlert spoke with the pair on Dec. 1, and KSI blamed the whole debacle on the other brother. "He will manipulate his audience… He always says he's the victim," KSI told Keemstar. At this point, Keem can't tell if this whole thing is just a hoax to stir up drama. But the problems only continued to grow throughout December. Deji spoke to the paparazzi YouTube channel TheHollywoodFix on Dec. 3, when he said, "there's a lot of stuff my brother's done that I can't forgive."

A few days later on Dec. 5, Deji posted a video to his YouTube channel, where he said KSI texted their mother that he hated his brother. "I've done nothing but support your stupid ass," Deji said in the video. The next day, KSI posted a video apologizing for "the family matter that's gone public." In response, Deji posted another diss track and went on Logan Paul's podcast to talk trash, continuing the feud.

The drama online died down for a bit, until Christmas Eve, when things hit their boiling point. KSI and Deji planned to spend the holiday with family, but that's not how things went. KSI was "kicked out of the house" by Deji, causing the pair to start squabbling on Twitter. "You always play the victim card and just manipulate your fans to hate me," Deji responded. "You threatened to smash my computer and kick down my door… You came home to argue."

Over the course of a dozen tweets, the pair fought about their videos, posted screenshots of text messages and audio of a screaming match. Deji threatened to call the cops on KSI in one clip and KSI threatened to attack their mother in another. After the incident on Christmas, Deji posted a video saying that he asked KSI to leave the house "because his tone was off" and added that "this has been going on for years." The video was quickly deleted, along with most of Deji's tweets.

Deji posted a final video early Wednesday, saying that the beef has been squashed. Titled "we are moving on," the YouTuber apologized for the dispute. "I'm sorry to you guys, it wasn't fair," he. The pair are trying to fix their problems, but for now it will be done privately and not on Twitter. Deji's channel "Comedyshortsgamer" has lost 7,000 subscribers over the past two days, according to Socialblade, and this move could be him attempting to stop the bleeding.

As quickly as the KSI / Deji beef started, it seems it's now just YouTube echoes in the wind.