Minnesota House Candidate Tells Voters: ‘I Want to Be Your N-Word’

A Minnesota House candidate running as an independent released a campaign video in which he looks directly at the camera and declares, "I want to be your n-word."

Kyle Greene, who is running for Minnesota's House of Representatives seat in rural District 18A, said he created the campaign video in order to "unify as a society." Greene identifies himself as African-American and Cherokee Indian. He will face off against incumbent Republican Dean Urdahl, Democrat Justin Vold and Libertarian candidate Jill Galvan.

"I'm not asking you to vote for me as your leader, I'm asking you to vote for me as your public servant," Greene says in the video. "I want to be your state representative, I want to be your public servant and I want to be your (n-word)."

Greene told Minnesota's Star Tribune he used the racial slur to push people's focus onto "the real issues at hand."

“We need to unify as a society, and we need to stop dealing with trivial matters,” Greene said. “The word...is part of the American history, regardless of the race.... It's part of my history being African-American, white and Cherokee Indian.”