LA Woman Travels 6,000 Miles to Cut Padlock She Shared With Ex on Love Lock Bridge

People travel far and wide for love and also, it seems, for breakups.

A Los Angeles-based woman is being hailed as a "petty hero" after traveling 6,000 miles from LA to Seoul in order to take down the padlock that she and her ex-boyfriend placed on Seoul's famous Love Lock Bridge two years ago.

Kassie Yeung, a 23-year-old content creator and professional dancer documented her travel to the iconic bridge and shared the video on her TikTok page.

"I traveled to Seoul from February 3rd 'til May 3rd," Yeung, who shared the now-viral video on May 11, told Newsweek. The clip has since been watched by over six million people.

"I am one petty MF idc (I don't care) what anyone says," she captions the first shot of the video, pointing her camera at the view from her airplane window.

She then records herself landing, walking through the airport, and buying a cutting tool to use in her mission. "Snip snip, time to snip," says her next caption as she makes her way to the N Seoul Tower by walking, taking a bus and eventually a cable car up to the bridge.

The Love Lock Bridge, known as a place where couples secure a custom padlock to the bridge's chainlink side as a symbol of their ever-lasting long, is an international phenomenon and different iterations exist in many cities around the world. Seoul's version of the bridge is shown in Yeung's video as being covered in countless brightly colored locks.

"I made it up here, search time," says Yeung's next caption. She then begins the task of searching for her singular lock amongst the sea of many others, which appears to take some serious dedication and patience.

As the video comes to an end, she finally finds the elusive lock and snips it free with her cutting tool, dancing in celebration of her success with a caption reading "f*** yeah."

Yeung confirmed to Newsweek that she was successful only after some effort, saying: "Yes, I was able to find the lock, it took me around 30-40 Minutes," she said.

"The dedication. Because I don't even know where my lock is!" commented one user.

Another blamed the bridge for Yeung's breakup, saying: "I knew exactly what she was doing!!! I ST*G that bridge bad luck. I have 2 hearts there both ended bad."

Couples from all around the world visit this bridge in Seoul to secure their love in the form of a padlock, wishing it lasts forever. Before Seoul, it was Paris' Pont des Arts bridge, famed for keeping love together. But in 2014, one million such metal lovelocks, weighing 45 tons, were removed from the structure after one railing collapsed.

LA Woman travels Seoul to remove LoveLock
Yeung with a set of nippers, finding her padlock at the LoveLock Bridge at N Seoul Tower, screen-captured from Yeung's TikTok video Kassie Yeung/ TikTok video