Restaurant Claims Its 'Labor Inducer' Burger Has Helped 31 Women Give Birth

A restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has claimed—without offering scientific proof— that one of its burgers has helped 31 pregnant women go into labor.

The so-called "The Labor Inducer" burger features beef, caramelized onion, Cajun remoulade, spicy mustard and honey-cured bacon, all inside a pretzel bun, according to The Suburban website.

Since The Suburban restaurant started serving the burger, 31 women have gone into labor shortly after eating it, Fox 9 reported. Women make it on the count if they go into labor 24 hours after eating the burger.

Co-owner Cindy Berset told Fox 9 the restaurant came up with the recipe when the team was preparing to enter a burger contest in 2019.

Kelsey Berset, who co-owns the restaurant with her mother and sister, tried the burger.

She told Today in 2019: "I figured I was 38 weeks pregnant, so why not indulge? About six hours later, my contractions started."

So they decided to enter it into the contest as "The Labor Inducer." After the restaurant added it to the menu and another mother apparently gave birth after having it, word spread and more pregnant women have been curious to see if it lived up to its name.

Cindy Berset told Fox 9: "It has been such a whirlwind. Every time a mom walks through that door, I know what she is coming in for and it's the 'Labor Inducer.'"

But is it actually possible to induce labor by eating certain foods, or does "The Labor Inducer" owe its name to a string of happy coincidences? Unfortunately for uncomfortable expectant mothers who feel they are close to popping, there is no scientific proof that home remedies like certain foods can bring on labor.

Old wives' tales say that spicy food, such as the mustard in The Labor Inducer, can bring on labor. But there is no link between the stomach and the uterus to support this claim.

Dr. Adam Huggins, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Nashville, Tennessee, told Good Housekeeping in 2019: "There is no empirical evidence that different foods can induce labor. However, there are lots of anecdotal stories of patients that went into labor after having a particular food or drink."

For women who are past their due date or need to give birth due to complications, labor should be induced in the safe hospital environment. According to WebMD, this can involve the use of prostaglandins, which are compounds that have a variety of uses including inducing labor. At the stage at which the cervix is open, a drug called Pitocin can be used to stimulate contractions in the uterus.

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A stock image shows a pregnant woman holding a burger. A burger restaurant in Minneapolis claims one of its burgers induces labor.