Labour Leadership Challenge: Angela Eagle's Facebook Hijacked And Her Constituency Office Attacked

Angela Eagle
Former Shadow Cabinet Secretary Angela Eagle launches her bid for Labour leadership at a press conference at Savoy Place in London on July 11, 2016. Eagle formally launched a bid to challenge incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he lost the support of most of his MPs in a vote of no confidence. Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Supporters of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have used Facebook to undermine his party rival Angela Eagle. Eagle's Facebook page boasts over 16,000 likes, but her critics have used the platform to attack the MP for Wallasey who was also the former shadow business secretary. On the page, thousands of comments backing the current Labour leader, Corbyn, were posted under a video of Eagle's interview with Robert Peston on Sunday. Many used the the hashtag #stillcorbyn and #isupportcorbyn.

Eagle has not only been subjected to vitriol on social media. Last night, a brick was also thrown at her constituency office in Wallasey, Merseyside, smashing a window. A Vote Remain poster was used to seal the window after the incident, which seems appropriate given the politician was a vocal supporter of Britain's continued membership of the European Union (EU) in the run-up to the referendum.

Angela Eagle MP's constituency office in Manor Road, Liscard, where a brick was thrown at the windows this morning

— Lorna Hughes (@lorna_hughes) July 12, 2016

Members of Eagle's staff have also reported a number of abusive phone calls, including one this morning where an individual called Eagle a "f****** b****".

"I'm calling for people to stop this violence and the bad behaviour and let's just get behind whatever leader you choose," said Helen Osgood, a senior caseworker at Angela Eagle's constituency office, who was shocked that her workplace had been vandalized. The leadership hopeful was also forced to cancel a meeting in Luton today because the hotel where it was due to take place had received "threats all night."

Despite losing a vote of no-confidence, Corbyn has refused to step down as Labour leader. However, in a statement today, he described the attack on Eagle's office as "extremely concerning."

"As someone who has also received death threats this week and previously, I am calling on all Labour Party members and supporters to act with calm and treat each other with respect and dignity, even where there is disagreement. I utterly condemn any violence or threats, which undermine the democracy within our party and have no place in our politics," he stressed.

Eagle, who launched her leadership challenge on Monday, believes she is "a strong Labour woman" who has what it takes to bring the party and the country "back together."