Brexit Voters Are Deserting The U.K. Labour Party: Poll

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Two people hold British and European Union flags at the castle of Hardelot in northern France. MPs will discuss amendments to the parliamentary bill on the U.K. leaving the EU. Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Brexit voters are deserting Britain's Labour party, according to a poll.

More than half the people who backed Labour in the last general election and then voted to leave the EU would not vote for the party now, a YouGov survey for The Times showed.

Only 48 percent of these voters would continue to back the party. Of the rest, 9 percent would vote Conservative, 8 percent would vote for the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) and a quarter do not know who they would support.

Party leadership contender Owen Smith had said he would push for the public to get a second vote on the EU deal, either via a referendum or a general election. In the YouGov survey, just a third of Labour voters backed such a move, while 47 percent thought the party should accept the result but push for a close relationship.

The finding comes against a backdrop of poor poll performances by Labour, with the YouGov survey of 3,285 adults handing Theresa May's Conservatives a nine-point lead. Some 39 percent of people questioned said they would vote for the Tories, while 30 percent would back Labour.

The handful of top Labour figures who backed a Brexit vote in the referendum had warned that the party was losing touch with its working-class core vote in backing the EU.

The Labour donor and Brexit campaigner John Mills told Newsweek in the spring that: "One of the problems about having such a Europhile [Labour] party in the House of Commons is that this doesn't reflect the views of large numbers of Labour-leaning potential voters and it's opening up schisms."

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