Labrador Dog Pulls Down Meteorologist on Live TV

A weather presenter in Britain took a tumble on live television when the guide dog she was holding went astray, and the animal dragged her down to the floor, leaving the co-presenters in hysterics.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Breakfast weather presenter, was kneeling down beside a Labrador guide dog called Flash, at the Chelsea Flower Show, after she gave a weather forecast for the event. The show was postponed from May this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing the Labrador to viewers, Kirkwood said:"Now, she's a friend of the program. She was actually on the program on April 28 with her trainer, Mel, and she took a little bit of a nibble out of Mel's hand when she was only 18 weeks old.

"She's grown a bit since then and she's very well behaved I must say as well, and just gorgeous."

Only seconds after Kirkwood called the dog "very well behaved," the Labrador decided to run off in another direction. Holding on to the dog's lead, Kirkwood was pulled to the floor by the force.

"I think Flash has just spotted a tree. Look, look she's gone! She's gone," presenter Sally Nugent said in the video, after Kirkwood fell forward.

"We've got a Kirkwood down, we've got a Kirkwood down! Someone save Carol!" one of the presenters, Dan Walker, said, adding to the comedy.

"Flash is strong," remarked Kirkwood.

"Are you alright Carol?" said Walker, to no response.

"I think she's lost her ear piece, ok. Carol, we're just checking that you're ok. Are you alright?" said Nugent.

"Yes, she's a very strong girl, Flash. She went back to her trainer, Mel, who's on the other side of the camera," said Kirkwood after getting up and dusting herself off.

"Excellent. We're glad you're ok. Thank you, Carol," said Walker.

Newsweek has contacted the BBC and Kirkwood for comment.

Another mischievous dog caused a disruption live on TV on August 27, this time in Canada. Global Toronto weather reporter Anthony Farnell's dog Storm interrupted a weather forecast, when it was looking for food.

Farnell was in the middle of delivering his forecast for the weekend, and continued on with his meteorological predictions for the days ahead, even as Storm, a miniature goldendoodle, began moving in and out of shot.

Fortunately, Farnell had a few doggie treats close to hand, and he was able to feed his pet on live TV while continuing to read the weather.

Footage of Storm's lovable antics soon found its way onto Twitter, and ended up going viral.

It wasn't the first time Storm has found fame on social media after invading a broadcast.

Back in 2012, Storm made a surprise appearance on the evening news, popping his head above the news desk during a live report.

BBC weather presenter pulled over by dog
A screenshot from BBC Breakfast of Carol Kirkwood being pulled over by a dog. A weather presenter in Britain took a tumble on live television when the Labrador she was holding went astray, and the animal dragged her down to the floor. BBC Breakfast