Landlord Allegedly Stabs Tenant to Death Over Home Heating

A landlord allegedly stabbed a tenant to death during an argument about heating at a home in Kansas City, Missouri, according to reports.

Gordon McBeth, 44, was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action after Darryl Gilland, 28, was stabbed to death in the 6200 block of North Topping Avenue on Friday.

A Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) statement obtained by KSHB41, said witnesses told officers they saw McBeth stab Gilland.

It added paramedics pronounced Gilland dead at the home and later a medical examiner reported he had been stabbed more than 30 times, according to the network.

Gilland's girlfriend of five years Samantha Pohlman told Fox4 they had moved into the home a week before the stabbing happened and said McBeth became angry as he had to work during his vacation.

After McBeth allegedly pulled out the knife that would be used to stab Gilland, neighbors ran to the home after hearing Pohlman's screams.

One then allegedly pulled McBeth off of Gilland while the other held the landlord at gunpoint until officers arrived, according to the network.

Pohlman told Fox4: "I pet his [Gilland's] head and told him it was going to be OK and that the ambulance was coming and that I loved him."

She also said the pair had exchanged messages with McBeth about the heating before Friday and that the landlord later sent more aggressive responses.

McBeth has since been taken into custody and will next appear in court on November 2, according to the network.

A GoFundMe fundraiser, organized by Amanda Mullins, was set up in the days following Gilland's death.

Mullins said in the fundraiser description: "As you can imagine, we are all extremely devastated and in shock over the tragic loss of our loved one. Although Brent lived in Kansas City for several years, he grew up in Indiana.

"Knowing his relationship with his grandparents, we feel it is right to get him home to be buried with his grandma and grandpa. As you can imagine, the cost of burying a loved one and transporting to a different state is a heavy burden, especially when this is so unexpected and tragic."

As of Tuesday morning, $4,910 has been raised for the family out of a goal of $10,000 on the fundraising website.

Newsweek has contacted the KCPD for comment.

According to the KCPD daily analysis for 2020, there were 176 homicides in the city, 13 of which involved a knife. In 56 of the homicides, an argument was a contributing factor in the attack.

The homicide rate for 2020 increased from 148 the previous year where six deaths involved a knife and 43 cases listed an argument as a contributing factor in the death.

Stock image of police lights.
Stock image: Police car lights in city at night. Gordon McBeth was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. iStock