'Bless His Heart': Lara Trump Says Joe Biden Maybe 'Regrets' Running for President

Trump 2020 senior campaign adviser Lara Trump, who is married to the president's second eldest son Eric Trump, in a Fox News Radio interview said that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden maybe "regrets" deciding to run and jabbed him with, "bless his heart."

In a call into the Todd Starnes Show on Monday, Lara Trump started by saying, "Listen, I don't know what's going on with Joe Biden."

The president's daughter-in-law said the Trump campaign does not know if Biden will end up winning the Democratic nomination and being who Donald Trump will run against, "but it certainly isn't looking promising" for the former vice president.

"I feel like he's really started to tank a little bit earlier than anyone expected," she said, adding that she would get asked even before Biden announced his bid if the Trump campaign was nervous he would run. Lara Trump said she would always say no, first and foremost because "I think this president will easily win reelection."

"But listen, it's kind of sad seeing the path that Joe Biden is on," she continued. "And maybe he regrets now even deciding to run, because there's been a lot that's happened that doesn't look great for him since he announced he was running for president."

Host Starnes brought up accusations that Biden touched women inappropriately, and his comments about working with segregationist senators, both which have taken a hit on the frontrunner in the crowded Democratic field.

"With all the Democrats, I say just let them keep digging," Lara Trump said. "I don't know who gave them the shovel but let them keep digging it deeper."

Lara Trump, a North Carolina native, said the debates this week "should be very interesting" and ended with, "As we say in the South, Todd, 'Bless his heart.'"

Starnes reacted: "Oh you went there, oh my gosh, Lara Trump, she laid down a 'bless your heart.' Lara, our audience they're very aware of what that means."

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"Bless your heart" is common phrase, particularly in the Southern U.S., with several meanings. While some use it as an expression of real concern and sympathy, others use it condescendingly or as a veiled insult.

"That's brilliant," Starnes said.

In 2016, then-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley responded to attacks by presidential candidate Donald Trump by tweeting, "Bless your heart," and received extensive media coverage for doing so.

Lara Trump Joe Biden Regrets
Lara Trump introduces her father-in-law President Donald Trump during a fundraiser at the Carmel Country Club August 31, 2018, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lara Trump said, "Bless his heart" to Joe Biden and said "maybe he regrets" running for president. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images