Wyoming Police Hit Protester With Car After He 'Entered the Path of the Vehicle'

A Wyoming police department confirmed that a protester was struck by a patrol car after he "entered the path of the vehicle" following the arrest of a female demonstrator.

The Laramie Police Department released body cam and drone footage of the small protest showing the moments that led up to the incident on Thursday, 23 September, after a local political activist group posted a video of the man being struck online.

Police had arrested a woman of color taking part in the demonstration for stepping out onto the road while the protesters walked down the 600 Block of Grand Avenue.

In a statement, police said that Illyanna Saucedo, a 22-year-old Laramie resident, had been warned four times about walking into the road and was detained on suspicion of obstructing traffic when she did it for a fifth time.

According to the Laramie Human Right Network, Saucedo was "picked out of a crowd of many white people" and "selected" to be arrested by police.

After placing Saucedo in the back of the car, the protesters crowded around the patrol vehicle while chanting "these racist cops have got to go."

A clip posted on Twitter shows the police car hitting a male protester, later identified as 22-year-old Tyler Klatt. The patrol vehicle then accelerates from the scene.

Laramie Police Department’s Sally Dulles ran over one of our protestors last night. pic.twitter.com/a3gpkSaECr

— Laramie Human Rights Network (@laramiehumans) September 24, 2020

"While officers attempted to clear a path for the emergency vehicles to exit, another demonstrator entered the path of the vehicle and was struck," police said.

Laramie Police said Klatt was not injured after being knocked by the car and refused medical care when offered.

In the footage released by police, several protesters can be seen stepping off the sidewalk and onto the street while patrol vehicles drive alongside, along with cars being driven by the public.

The clip also shows bodycam footage of the officers arresting Saucedo while the crowd chants "shame on you."

The clip then shows the moment the patrol car knocks into Klatt, which showed that he stayed on his feet following the impact, from inside the vehicle as well as from the drone.

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"The Laramie Police Department regrets that a member of our community was hit and would remind all demonstrators that police vehicles, when being operated as an emergency vehicle according to Wyoming State Statutes, must be yielded to both by other vehicles and pedestrians," police said in a statement.

"In this instance, the police vehicle was displaying red lights and sirens when the officer was attempting to leave the area of the arrest.

"The Laramie Police Department vigorously supports all citizens' and visitors' right to lawful and peaceful protest. These rights must be balanced with the safety of all Laramie citizens and visitors.

"Citizens will not be allowed to use Laramie streets or State Highways to demonstrate any causes, since both Municipal Code and State Statute prohibit pedestrians to impede or block traffic.

"As staffing and call loads allow, police will continue to enforce these laws during any planned or spontaneous demonstrations."

The Wyoming Highway Patrol, who are investigating the incident as protocol, have been contacted for comment.

Laramie Police
The Laramie Police Department released drone footage showing the moment the patrol vehicle knocked into the protester on September 23. Laramie Police Department