Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Killed in Hitchhiking Hit and Run, Needs Fundraiser to Return Body Home

Roy McClellan las vegas shooting survivor fundraiser
Roy McClellan, pictured here in a photo from his GoFundMe page, died just weeks after the Las Vegas massacre. Roy McClellan/ GoFundMe

A man who survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas last month has been killed in a hit and run incident while hitchhiking 60 miles west of the massacre.

Roy McClellan, 52, was hit by a Chevrolet Camaro on November 17 in Pahrump, southern Nevada, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol.

McClellan was at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on October 1 when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the hotel from a window of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, killing 58 people and injuring more than 500 others.

A fundraising page set up on Saturday, November 26, to help McClellan's family pay for funeral expenses has already raised more than $2,500.

"Roy was a true friend and you know he always had your back in any situation," the GoFundMe page states. "Lets please get him home and take the burden off his devastated family thank you."

McCLellan's wife, who was with him at the time of the shooting, told local news that he had been receiving therapy since the Las Vegas shooting. The widow also speculated the driver of the Chevrolet may have been drunk or under the influence of drugs.

"I'm angry," McClellan's widow Denise McClellan told KSNV. "I'm angry. I feel that he was under the influence of something or drunk and didn't want to get caught, so he bailed and left my husband laying there in the street.

"He doesn't deserve that. I think if I could've done anything differently, he wouldn't have been on that road."

McClellan is the fourth person to have survived the Las Vegas shooting that has since died in unrelated incidents. Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their car burst into flames, while Kymberley Suchomel died unexpectedly in her sleep.

Las vegas shooting survivor hit and run
A boot is pictured near the site of mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., October 5, 2017. One of the survivors , Roy McClellan, was killed in a hit and run just weeks after the massacre. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

People took to Twitter to mourn McClellan, with many taking the opportunity to reignite conspiracy theories surrounding the Las Vegas massacre, which already include the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), the Illuminati and Antifa.

Sadly, a man who survived the Las Vegas massacre shooting has been killed in a hit&run in southern Nevada - Roy McClellan was killed hitchhiking on State Road 160, about 50 miles west of Las Vegas - RIP!

— charles benjamin (@chaleeboh3131) November 26, 2017

Such theories have been dismissed by investigators and terrorism experts who have studied alleged evidence of Paddock pledging allegiance to ISIS.

"Conspiracy theorists have repeatedly misquoted me as saying that ISIS was behind the Vegas attack," Rukmini Callimachi, a terrorism expert writing for the New York Times told Mother Jones.

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"To date, zero evidence of an ISIS link has emerged. I am talking both to sources in law enforcement and to U.S. officials in Iraq who are tracking the terror group closely. They have found nothing suggesting that Paddock either interacted with members of ISIS, or was inspired by them."