'The Last Days of American Crime' Reviews: Critics Give Netflix Movie 0 Percent Rotten Tomatoes Rating

The Last Days of American Crime has joined the illustrious club of movies that have been given a 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Netflix movie stars American Crime Story's Edgar Ramirez as a man living in a world where the government has developed a signal that makes it impossible for people to commit crimes. The film joins notorious turkeys like Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive, Jaws: The Revenge, and fellow Netflix movie The Ridiculous 6 in the 0 percent club.

However, despite the critical savaging The Last Days of American Crime has received since being released, the show has been massively popular on Netflix. In the U.S. charts, the movie is currently the third most-watched on the streamer's combined daily chart and has the current top spot in the movies chart.

Some of these viewers may be viewers hoping for a so-bad-it's-good treat after reading the pans that some of the nation's major websites and magazines have given the Netflix show. Perhaps the most savage mauling came courtesy of a 0.5 out of five star review from Rolling Stone, summed up by the line: "oh good lord, this is all so wrongheaded! Like, an act of unbelievably full-on facepalm are-you-kidding poor judgment! We have to laugh because otherwise, we'd just weep. What is going on here?"

the last days of american crime review
Critics have savaged Netflix movie 'The Last Days of American Crime' Netflix

Compared to this review, the AV Club's C- for the Netflix movie is almost kind. Reviewer Jesse Hassenger says that the film is an improvement in terms of editing compared to director Olivier Megaton's (born Olivier Fontana) previous work on Taken 3.

Hassenger said the director has, "cleaned up his act—or at least his edits. The action is cleaner, clearer, and less jittery; the stylized cinematography has plenty of backlighting, lens flares, and red glow, but looks composed rather than frenzied."

However, that has not stopped The Last Days of American Crime becoming what IndieWire's David Ehrlich has called, "a braindead slog that shambles forward like the zombified husk of the heist movie it wants to be."

The movie may have been watched by a lot of people on Netflix, but the Twitter response to the movie has also been fairly negative. A typical response read: "2 hours and 29 minutes of The Last Days of American Crime is possibly the longest I've spent on a useless film ever. That I survived is a miracle."

Luckily for the movie, however, it could soon lose its place in the rogue's gallery of 0 percent Rotten Tomatoes films, which also includes Look Who's Talking Now, Mac and Me, and the recent John Travolta travesty Gotti. The review aggregator may soon add the first positive review for the film from the British site NME, who gave the movie four stars and called it, "a fast-paced, if a little over-stretched, small screen composite of John Wick, The Purge and any trigger-happy heist movie you care to mention."

The Last Days of American Crime is streaming now on Netflix.