You Can Still Register To Vote in These 11 States

A voter wears a shirt printed with words from the U.S. Constitution while casting his ballot early at the San Diego County Elections Office in San Diego, California, on November 7. The election takes place on November 8. Mike Blake/Reuters

Most voter registration deadlines have past, but there are still a handful of states that allow same-day voter registration. If you live in Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Wyoming or Washington D.C., you'll still be able to cast a ballot even if you've slept on registering.

Not only can you still register in any of these 11 states, you can do it on site. All you need to do is look up your closest polling place (just Google "my polling place"), and walk, run, drive, bus, train or gallop over to fulfill your civic duty.

Before, during or after you cast your ballot, consult our guide for the best ways to keep tabs on the results.

You Can Still Register To Vote in These 11 States | U.S.