'The Last of Us' HBO Max Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

The much-loved video game The Last of Us has officially been transformed into a gripping TV series.

Starring Game of Thrones legends Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the 10-part series sees Pascal and Ramsey take on the roles of Joel and Ellie as they fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The duo face hurdles at every turn, including people, known as "clickers," who have been ravaged by a disease transforming them into cannibalistic monsters and more.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about The Last of Us on HBO Max including the release date, cast, trailer, plot, and more.

When Is The Last of Us Out on HBO Max?

The Last of us
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us HBO Max

At the moment, The Last of Us does not yet have an exact release date.

However, the good news is that HBO Max has confirmed the series will premiere in 2023 and has released a sneak peek at footage from the show to keep fans in suspense.

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What Is The Last of Us on HBO Max About?

The Last of Us on HBO Max brings to life the award-winning 2013 video game series, with writer and original director Neil Druckmann behind the HBO Max adaption.

Druckmann is joined by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin as well as the game's original developers, Naughty Dog, and original game composer Gustavo Santaolalla.

Just like the game, the series takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States, 20 years after a fungal plague wiped out the majority of mankind.

For reasons yet to be revealed, Joel, one of the very few survivors, is tasked with smuggling 14-year-old Ellie out of their safe zone and as expected, what lies outside of their four walls is something nobody could have expected.

The official synopsis for The Last of Us, per HBO Max, reads: "Based on the critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation platforms, the story takes place twenty years after modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival."

Who Is in the Cast of The Last of Us?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead the cast of The Last of Us as Joel and Ellie respectively.

Pascal is best known for his roles as Oberyn Martell on the fourth season of the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones and Javier Peña on the Netflix biographic crime series Narcos.

His other well-known credits include The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

BAFTA winner Ramsey is best known for playing Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, Angelica in His Dark Materials, and Jane Grey in Becoming Elizabeth.

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman stars as Bill, a survivor living in a small town who crosses paths with Joel and Ellie as they make their journey across the U.S.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, who provided the voices to Ellie and Joel in the original video games, will also star in major undisclosed roles in the series. Merle Dandridge who voiced the character Marlene, the leader of the resistance group known as the Fireflies, will reprise her role in the live-action remake.

Castle Rock star Jeffrey Pierce who voiced Joel's younger brother Tommy in the video games will star as the brand new character, Perry.

Terminator: Dark Fate's Gabriel Luna will instead take on the role of Tommy.

Dumbo's Nico Parker will play the role of Joe's daughter Sarah, The White Lotus's Murray Bartlett as Frank, Mindhunter's Anna Torv as Tess, and Euphoria's Storm Reid as Riley.

Is There a Trailer for The Last of Us on HBO Max?

At the moment, there is no full-length trailer for The Last of Us. However, the good news is that HBO Max has given fans a glimpse of the show in a mammoth trailer teasing the whole range of shows coming to the streaming platform very soon.

At the end of the clip, which includes footage from shows such as House of the Dragon, The White Lotus, Succession, The Idol, and more, fans finally get to see the first look of The Last of Us.

In the trailer, Ramsey's Ellie tells Pascal's Joel: "Everybody I have cared for has either died or left me."

Joel then eerily responds: "You have no idea what loss is."

The Last of Us trailer also introduces several other characters including Offerman's Bill alongside a whole range of terrifying zombies, demons, clickers, and more.

The Last of Us is coming to HBO Max in 2023.