How Long Is 'The Last of Us 2'? Here's How Many Hours It Takes to Beat

The Last of Us Part II takes around 25 hours to beat but can take more or less time depending on how you want to play the game.

Beating The Last of Us Part II can take up to around 30 hours if you're planning on finding all the collectibles, and will take longer if you're playing on a higher difficulty setting.

Alternatively, it could take around 20 hours if you're not interested in finding the collectibles and if you play on an easy setting.

Based on user ratings on How Long to Beat, The Last of Us Part II takes an average of 20 hours to complete the main story or 24 to complete main and extras. A completionist playing style takes an average of nearly 29 hours to beat the game.

Also, according to the How Long to Beat website, the shortest reported time a user claimed to have completed The Last of Us Part II was 13 hours and the longest reported was 31 hours.

While it is possible to run from encounter to encounter to try to beat the game as quickly as possible, there are rewards for playing The Last of Us Part II more slowly and taking time to explore the world around you.

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'The Last of Us Part 2' takes an average of 25 hours to beat, though the number of hours will vary by playing style. Sony Interactive Entertainment/Naughty Dog

For example, you could spend time checking the bathrooms, where you will often be able to find crafting supplies for Medkits and weapons, as well as supplements, which are used to upgrade Ellie's skill tree.

Additionally, exploring your environments can lead to notes and clues that will help you understand the world in The Last of Us Part II as well as other helpful hints.

Joshua Rivera of Vulture said: "Where The Last of Us Part II differs from past stories of blind vengeance is that it's a video game that requires 25 to 30 hours to complete.

"Across that time, the actions undertaken by the player are largely the same: carefully navigating a hostile environment in order to find enough supplies to dispatch or slip past a small army of infected, cultists, or militia members."

However, some reviewers say that due to the violent and brutal nature of the game, playing for hours and hours can be difficult.

Riley MacLeod of Kotaku said: "My playthrough of The Last of Us 2 felt terrible to experience. Over the course of my 27 hours with the game, it grew to the point of feeling nearly unbearable."

Writing for Forbes, Erik Kain said: "Second, and arguably more importantly, some reviewers (even those who ultimately liked the game) found the violence extreme to the point of questioning whether they could even finish playing.

"Since this game is somewhere between 25 and 30 hours long, you can see how that could be a problem."