What You Missed on Late Night: Stephen Colbert 'From the Garage,' Jimmy Fallon Parties With DJ D-Nice, Seth Meyers Returns

Welcome to the second week of late-night quarantine.

Last week, a few late-night hosts decided not to let social distancing get in the way of nightly entertainment and recorded their own mini-monologues on YouTube. We got to see Stephen Colbert in his bathtub and Samantha Bee try and fail to chop wood while Jimmy Kimmel hid from his children in his home office. A scruffy Trevor Noah fully embraced isolated bachelor life in his New York City digs while Jimmy Fallon's daughters Winnie and Franny totally stole the spotlight over on his show.

As the world remains on hold in response to the coronavirus outbreak, even more late nighter's are staying connected to their viewers by sharing their homemade videos on the web.

Read on for a rundown of a standout moments from last night's late-night below.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Live from his garage, Colbert tried reconnecting with his inner youth and introduced a new segment on Monday: "Trying to remember things that you knew how to do when you were younger and now have time for because you're stuck at home."

Apparently, the 55-year-old had a knack for fixing bikes when he was a teen, so he flexed his skills and attempted to change a bike inner tube. However, all the time that passed since he last fixed a bike tire made him a little rusty.

What You Missed on Late Night: Stephen Colbert 'From the Garage'
Stephen Colbert lights a fire pit from his home during a taping of "The Late Show" on March 17, 2020. Colbert and other late-night hosts shared at-home videos on their YouTube channels during the second week of social distancing. screengrab/CBS

"Do I have a pump? I do have a pump. I see my pump. Do I pump [the tire] up a little bit first? I can't remember," Colbert pondered. "Is it like a car tire where you wanna lower it before you tighten the nuts? Is there some order this is supposed to happen in? Are there instructions?"

It took him a few tries but, in the end, he finally gets it right.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It was all about the music on the At Home Edition of Fallon's show, so naturally, his daughters Winnie and Franny were on the 1's and 2's for the show's opening. Gary the dog was also there. The charity of the night was No Hungry Kid, an organization that provides hot meals and food for children in need.

Before video interviewing the big guest go the night—New York DJ D-Nice—Fallon surprised viewers with a quick check-in with his Daily Show buddy Trevor Noah, who claimed all the social distancing was having absolutely no impact on his life.

"I'm not going to lie to you Jimmy. I haven't noticed any difference in my life... Like, I have experienced no change in my world," Noah admitted. "I don't like being inside. I love being inside. I live inside. That's me. So like my life hasn't changed other than the stress of the world, because I feel for what's happening. I'm worried about what's gonna happen in the world for people economically."

Fallon wrapped the show chatting with D-Nice, a longtime DJ who nearly broke the internet with his Instagram Live set over the weekend. More than 160,000 people tuned in for D-Nice's "Club Quarantine" on Sunday, including a few high-profile partiers like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and even Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel started his quarantine minilogue with a message for the "stupid people who do not seem to understand how sick I am of playing Candy Land with my children." That message was in regards to the many Americans who are still going out their lives as usual and flooding beaches and boardwalks despite the government and health officials' warning to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by staying at home or at least six feet away from others.

"Why is it that when there's no quarantine we all stay at home staring at our screens, but now we're on lockdown and people are like, 'Let's get out and have a picnic!'" Kimmel said.

After making a public service announcement of all the titles airing on the Hallmark Channel on Tuesday—Kimmel's effort to entice people to actually stay at home—Kimmel gave a tip on a safe way to communicate with others if you must go outside: from your car. So, the late-night host hopped in his ride and made the journey over to comedian Bill Burr's home, where he interviewed him from the safe comfort of his car while Burr stood several feet away outside.

Burr, who admittedly "hates LAX," was taking all the social distancing in stride. "I've been trying to get off the road for 10 years," he said. "This is great."

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Meyers joined the late-night-on-the-web fold and revived his segment "A Closer Look" on his YouTube channel. He recorded it from his hallway, which he admitted was probably a weird place to film, but, the late-night host said, at least he wasn't doing it from a public beach.

"Look at those dummies," Meyers said as an image of a crowded beach appeared on the screen. "Let me be clear: I'm not saying people are dumb for going to the beach during a pandemic, which they are. I'm saying you're dumb for going to the beach period. You could die from going to the beach right now and it's still not in the top five worst things that could happen to you at the beach."

Meyers explained how he's been processing all the turmoil America is facing in light of the coronavirus pandemic while, of course, making a mockery of leadership at the federal level. He wasn't quite over President Donald Trump's lousy assimilation of the coronavirus' potential impact at the start of the pandemic and didn't want anyone else to forget the president initially behaved as if the virus wasn't going to be that big of a deal here in the U.S.

"I really hope people remember [Trump's] comment as we watch a pandemic overwhelm our health care system and wreck our economy while we sit on our couches, scrolling all the way to the bottom of Netflix, looking for something new to watch," Meyers said.