Stephen Miller Attacked Marco Rubio, Immigrants Through Breitbart's 2016 News Coverage, Leaked Emails Show

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller used Breitbart News during the 2016 presidential primaries to run vehemently pro-Trump, anti-immigrant stories he either suggested or wrote directly under bogus "staff" bylines.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) latest report highlights Miller's role as an "uncredited editor" of the Breitbart website and reveals how he used the popular right-wing news outlet to rail against Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and a slew of other rivals to candidate Donald Trump.

Tuesday's installment of the SPLC's Hatewatch blog shows that Miller, then an aide to GOP Senator Jeff Sessions, suggested stories that described immigrants as "child sex offenders" and portrayed Rubio as an "open borders" supporter and "pathological liar."

One leaked email thread has Miller and several top Breitbart editors thanking God and blaring "MAGA!" cheers after Rubio dropped out of the primary race on March 15, 2016. Story pitches regarding race issues and immigration are littered throughout Miller's 900 email exchanges, which were leaked to Hatewatch.

In one email condemning both Rubio and immigration, Miller wrote, "I also think the words 'immigration reform' should be used exclusive [sic] to describe proposals to limit immigration. Rubio is an extremist who wants unlimited immigration, the American people are moderate and want to hit pause after the deluge."

In another April 29 email, which took direct aim at Rubio's Republican primary campaign, Miller wrote to Breitbart, "Been a long time since anything anti-rubio was pub'd.

Previously, on July 7, 2015, he wrote: "Rubio needs to be hammered on [the immigration bill] I-squared. Will send you some articles in about 15 minutes."

The series of leaked emails straddles Miller's transition as an aide to Sessions to his role after joining the Trump campaign in early 2016. The former Breitbart editor who leaked the damning email exchanges to the SPLC, Katie McHugh, said negligent is hardly the word to describe the behavior of then-chief Steve Bannon and the site's other top editorial directors.

"It should raise significant alarm that an organization consistently manipulated coverage out of public eye in order to influence a political party's primary while insisting it was objective," she told the SPLC earlier this month. "Both as an aide to Senator Sessions and an adviser to Trump, Stephen Miller frequently dictated the editorial direction of Breitbart News to me. No one at Breitbart ever raised a question about whether this was ethical."

An October 2015 email exchange between Breitbart editors and Miller show he used a bogus "Breitbart News Staff" byline on his article railing against immigration.

"I think this is one of the best demonstrations we've come up with so far to demonstrate the true scope of immigration," Miller said.

Comscore data showed Breitbart News hit its peak readership during Trump's rise in the Republican primaries and maxed out with about 18 million–plus unique visitors to the website when he won the nomination in July 2016.

Miller used a tweet from Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge and right-wing author Mickey Kaus to tout Trump's anti-immigration campaign platform and to blast Rubio and other primary challengers.

McHugh was fired from Breitbart in 2017. The site issued a series of statements to the SPLC denouncing the former editor and her leaking of the emails.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has revealed White House adviser Stephen Miller's role as an "uncredited editor" of Breitbart News, showing how he used the right-wing news outlet to rail against Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and a slew of other rivals to candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Getty Images/ALEX WONG / STAFF