Latest 'Masked Singer' Theories On Identities Of Miss Monster, Turtle, White Tiger And Kangaroo

Only four masked singers are left in Group A, and each celebrity will take the stage to sing for a third time Wednesday night on The Masked Singer. The show has eliminated two celebrity hopefuls already while also revealing some of the biggest names the competition series has seen yet.

Last week, Llama was unmasked as actor and game host Drew Carey. The judges were understandably shocked at this big reveal, which came just a week after Robot's unmasking revealed he was rap star Lil Wayne.

The judges didn't make even a close guess about Lil Wayne, but they were in the right ballpark for Carey. Many of them suggested the celebrity was a comedian, given the masked singer's desire to bring entertainment to all viewers, which was revealed in one of Llama's clue packages.

It's still unknown if the judges' other guesses were correct. One more celebrity will be revealed on Wednesday, and the remaining three will apparently go on to compete against Groups B and C, which have yet to perform.

Miss Monster
Miss Monster performs on "The Masked Singer." Michael Becker/FOX

Here are some of the biggest fan theories for the remaining singers.

Miss Monster

On Twitter, there have been common guesses about the true identity of Miss Monster. The powerfully voiced, pink-costumed singer has been the subject of much speculation, with one guess occurring most often: Chaka Khan.

Y'all do know Miss Monster on Masked Singer is DEFINITELY Chaka Khan. 🥰

— hash slinging slasher🌸 (@JoinCamillitary) February 10, 2020

the masked singer is the worst show on tv but also miss monster is Chaka Khan bookmark this

— pete (@SweetPete423) February 8, 2020

Some other theories have surfaced as well. Tina Turner is another leading name seen in online conversations. Cardi B and Macy Gray have also been named.


The judges have gone wild with their guesses for Turtle. Nick Lachey and Zac Efron are some of the most recent guesses by the judges'panel, but Twitter users claim they're missing one obvious celebrity: Jesse McCartney.

Online commenters claim there's no denying it's McCartney's voice. For the remaining contestants, McCartney may be the most common prediction from viewers.

Turtle dude on masked singer is definitely Jesse McCartney. I refuse to believe that it’s anybody else

— TMC (@__Scorp31) February 12, 2020

Guys I'm late to this, but The Turtle from Masked Singer S3 has got to be Jesse McCartney. I've been obsessed with him since dreamstreet & kingdom hearts is 👏🏽 my 👏🏽 life 👏🏽. My gut is SCREAMING that it's him. You can't convince me otherwise.

— Camille (@musicluvr121) February 12, 2020

White Tiger

White Tiger also has generated some widely shared guesses. The leading theory seems to be that Rob Gronkowski is under the mask. This claim seemed to arise from White Tiger's size. The costumed singer stands tall and looks muscular.

The former New England Patriots star isn't the only guess. Others have named actor Jason David Frank and wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

I have never been more sure of anything in my life than I am that gronk is the white tiger on masked singer

— 🦃😷🍁 (@montaukliving) February 11, 2020

Why are the clues for the White Tiger so obvious on The Masked Singer? We’re not even trying to pretend that’s not Gronkowski. Four score and seven years ago? A cow skiing? Clam shucking, 51 clams? All the references to parties and celebrating? 💯 Gronk

— Cristina (@cristinannd) February 10, 2020


An interesting theory about Kangaroo's identity surfaced during the show's first episode, on February 2. It says Kangaroo could be Jordyn Woods, the model who used to be Kylie Jenner's best friend. This guess seems to come from the celebrity's vocals, as well as the clue packages, which cite being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons and wanting to make a positive comeback.

Other theories name a handful of other guesses. Rapper Iggy Azalea and tattoo artist Kat Von D were named by some Twitter users, along with singer Jordin Sparks.

@jordynwoods I know you’re the kangaroo in masked singer girl!!

— Tati 👸🏽🤠 (@princesstati__) February 12, 2020

I'm telling y'all the kangaroo on the masked singer is Jordyn Woods😂😂the basketball references & the make-up...also the talk of redemption

But can Jordyn sing cause this girl has pipes..#MaskedSinger #maskedsinger2020

— Youtube:HeyJaySA (@xo_boobookitty) February 10, 2020