Latter-day Domination

Maybe Mitt Romney should have taken up tango. While some voters are still uneasy about a Mormon presidential candidate, Americans seem plenty comfortable voting for Mormons in another type of election: prime-time dance shows. Mormons have already won "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars," and two of the front runners on ABC's current hit "Dance War" are, yes, Mormon. "Some of the greatest dancing on TV is coming out of this community," says Kenny Ortega, director of the "High School Musical" movies, both of which were filmed in Utah to capitalize on a hotbed of dance talent that Ortega noticed while choreographing the opening ceremony for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. "Dance is part of our culture," says Lee Wakefield, chair of Brigham Young University's dance department. "Mormons danced when they crossed the plains to Utah, and one of the first buildings they built was a dance hall." "Dance War" favorite Zach Wilson says he's happy to help shatter the notion that Mormons "can't dance and don't know how to have fun." Memo to Romney campaign: Have candidate move more on his feet, less on the issues.