Laughter as Confused Kitten Tries to Nurse From Pit Bull: 'Her Baby'

A kitten confusing a pit bull for her new mom has the internet in hysterics, with the video receiving 3.8 million views.

In the viral clip shared to TikTok by user mz_blaze1169, a kitten named Gizmo can be seen suckling on Demi the dog's nipple. Her "husband"—a male pit bull named Drippy—confusedly watches.

Despite being a completely different species, Demi doesn't seem too concerned by the situation, letting Gizmo suckle.

"Okay, that's the dad, that's the mom and this apparently is her baby," a caption read.

Pitbull lying next to a ginger kitten
A stock photo of a pit bull next to a ginger kitten. It's not unusual for kittens to bond with dogs that show them affection, according to integrative veterinarian Carol Osborne. Olga Morozova/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Is It Normal for Kittens to Nurse From Other Animals?

According to Carol Osborne—integrative veterinarian at Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic and the founder of PAAWS™ Pet Vitamins—it's normal for kittens to bond with dogs.

"According to recent research published in Current Biology, nearly 65 percent of kittens bond with their caregiver," Osborne told Newsweek. "The caregiver may be a cat, a dog or a person."

Conducted by Oregon State University in 2019, the study revealed that, when given the choice, kittens will bond with people first and canines second. This is true if there are no cats around to be their caregiver.

"Kittens do not mistake other animals for their [biological] mother," said Osborne.

"But should their parent not be present, kittens will bond with another animal or person from whom they receive affection and love," she added.

It's also not uncommon for kittens to try to feed from other animals, also known as "inappropriate nursing behavior."

"It can stem from various issues. Orphaned kittens and kittens [that are] weaned too early from their mothers are most prone," Osborne explained.

"Some do this because they feel stressed, and/or insecure. The latter has been compared to human children sucking their thumb."

'Dad Says He Wants a DNA Test'

TikTokers had a lot to say about the unusual parenting arrangement, with shannonbambi dubbing Gizmo a "pitten."

"That's not his mom but that's her baby," wrote ophelia.

"What a good mama, even if she's an adoptive mother," commented LaTasha iosefa.

"That cat is going to be tough. Raised on pit bull milk," posted Chris.

"Love knows no boundaries," wrote Dbratmom.

Drippy's bewildered reaction also had users in stitches, with Hersh writing: "Dad says he wants a DNA test."

"The 'Dad' needs u to call Maury asap, cuz he said he doesn't make kittens," agreed Pam.

"I don't know how excited daddy is but that's definitely his baby now also," wrote Damiona.

Gillian commented: "Your dogs look so confused, but they're not going to question their tiny new overlord."

Newsweek reached out to mz_blaze1169 on TikTok and Instagram for comment.

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