Laughter at Sneaky Way Dog Mom Distracts Puppies so She Can Have a Break

A viral video showing a dog's relief at being given a much-needed break from feeding her puppies has earned praise online.

The footage, uploaded by claygi_, from Toronto, shows her American pit bull Clay struggling to move around freely as her puppies would not stop trying to get at her milk.

Since being shared on Friday, February 10, the clip has been seen more than 6.5 million times and has attracted over 1.2 million likes. It is captioned: "Ditching her kids so she can pee outside."

Stock image of a dog
Stock image of an American pit bull. The female dog in the viral video was grateful to get some time away from her puppies. Getty

There are many reasons why puppies are desperate to have their mother's milk. One is that they are given some initial immunity defense through her feeding them. Puppies are born with very little protection themselves from disease.

The U.K. Kennel Club said: "During this period, they will not need to eat solid food, but will exist on their mother's milk. It is now that your puppy will begin to develop their senses, which in turn will help them seek nourishment.

"Initially your puppy will develop a sense of smell that will help them find their way to their mother's breasts, which they instinctively recognize as a source of nourishment.

"During this early period, the mother cares for her puppies by keeping them warm with her body and by licking them. She does the latter not only to clean them but also to help establish their basic physiological functions."

In the footage on TikTok, the owner told Clay the dog to go towards the couch, as if she had a plan to get the pooch away from the puppies.

Within seconds, Clay could be seen racing towards her owner while they stand behind a door. As the horde of puppies follows after, the owner quickly shuts the door, much to the dog's delight.

Clay's wagging tail at the end of the clip surely meant that relief was, thankfully, only seconds away.

The majority of people who commented on the TikTok clip praised the dog and wrote that it appeared as if Clay was very thankful for the timeout.

TikTok user Heytymari posted: "She went from 'save me mom' to 'thank you.'"

Apple added: "Look how happy she was when you closed the door and she saw her 7258375 kids were not there."

Anayezz commented: "They feel the changes too. She was reminiscing with her person."

Kaitlinn M Brock posted: "She said thank you mamma. I needed a minute but they won't let me go."

Newsweek has contacted claygi_ for comment.

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